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Benefits and harm of quail eggs

One of the most valuable dietary productsare quail eggs. In many countries, they are used especially often, adding to various dishes. Japanese use quail eggs when preparing sushi. In Russia until recently, they were not so popular. However, the fashion for everything exotic changed this situation. The product is very tasty and nutritious. So what are the benefits and harms of quail eggs?

Benefits and harm of quail eggs

Size does not matter

The quail egg is very small andweighs about 10-15 grams. The shell is very thin and spotted. They are very useful for both children and adults. Small gourmets love them for their beautiful and unusual color and shape. In addition, quail eggs will be an excellent addition to the children's diet. They can be eaten by those who are prohibited from eating eggs. Despite the small size, quail eggs are superior in nutritional value to chicken eggs. They cook, fry, bake and even drink raw. The benefits and harm of quail eggs have long been studied. Therefore, you can say for sure that this is a storehouse of useful substances.

Caloric content of quail eggs

Beneficial features

Even experts note the high therapeuticthe effect that the reception of this product has. It contains several times more vitamins A and B, iron, phosphorus and potassium than in chicken eggs. What else contains quail eggs? The benefits are obvious, since they contain many amino acids, copper and cobalt. What other product can be proud of such wealth at such small sizes? They contain tyrosine, which affects the pigment, which makes the skin color more healthy. Therefore, quail eggs are used in the cosmetic industry. According to research, many diseases are associated with a lack of lysozyme in the body. It is found in eggs that must be eaten raw. Not everyone can afford such a luxury, given that the birds are susceptible to many serious diseases.

Quail eggs
But this does not apply to quail eggs. They are sterile, so they can be given in raw form even to children. It is enough only two eggs a day to replenish the body with the right substances. Their use improves memory and vision, forms the nervous system. But you should know about the benefits and harm of quail eggs. With advantage we have decided, although this is not a complete list. But there is in this product, though small, but a fly in the ointment. They have an allergen - ovomucoid. It leads to egg intolerance. For adults, it is safe, and affects only the children's body. Therefore, it is not recommended to give quail eggs to babies until one year. What else is the benefit and harm of quail eggs? Harmful substances in them are no longer detected, but there is a lot of useful. Official medicine uses them to eliminate diseases of the digestive and thyroid organs. They are also useful for those who suffer from asthma, heart disease, nervous system and cholecystitis. Contraindications are practically absent. The caloric content of quail eggs is 168 calories per 100 g of product. It should be noted that the effectiveness of this product is higher than that of Viagra, but this is a separate topic for conversation.

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