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Colorful and compelling Chechen cuisine

One of the most ancient cuisines in the CaucasusChechen cuisine. It includes mutton, poultry, wild garlic, cheese, cottage cheese, pumpkin, corn. The main ingredients of the cuisine are pepper, garlic, onions, thyme and, of course, spicy seasonings. Dishes of Chechen cuisine are delicious, nutritious, high-calorie and easily absorbed by the body.

Chechen cuisine
Greenery is added to any dish, regardless ofseason. It is akin to salt, which is why a lot of vitamins are in the dishes of Chechen cuisine. Meat is always served with garlic seasoning. In those times when there were no refrigerators and there was nowhere to store meat for a long time, the Chechens dried meat, which also produced a huge number of various dishes. In winter and early spring, the Chechen people eat caramel, and in the summer - nettle. It is worth noting that the Chechen cuisine is characterized by softness and moderation. This is especially noticeable when you look at the inhabitants of the republic - among them there are few obese people with excessive weight. Chechnya is famous for its traditional cuisine. In different countries, Chechen cuisine is also very popular. Recipes with a photo of many dishes can be found in magazines. Let's consider some of them.

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To cook pilaf in the Chechen way:

- rice (600 grams);

- about six glasses of water;

- half a kilo of fresh lamb;

- half a kilogram of carrots;

- onions (200 grams);

- fattening fat (240 grams);

- salt, pepper, seasonings.

First it is necessary to soak the rice in a cold slightlysalted water (one tablespoon of salt per liter of water). At this time, the fresh mutton meat should be cut into small pieces of medium size, fry them in a cauldron on melted and heavily heated fatty fat, pre-seasoned, pepper and seasoning. To the meat should be added onions and carrots pre-cut into strips. Continue to fry, slightly reducing the heat. In advance it is necessary to boil broth from broth bones. This broth is poured into a cauldron with meat and vegetables (in the absence of broth, water can be used). Then there should be put the soaked rice, close the pot and cook on low heat for about 50 minutes, if necessary, adding broth or water. Ready dish sprinkled with greens. This is how pilaf is cooked, which is represented by Chechen cuisine. Recipes and other dishes are quite simple. Here is another example.

Cakes based on cornflour, are called a detective or a churek. For their preparation it is necessary to have: corn flour (20 grams), about one hundred grams of water, salt (to taste). First they sift the flour. The water is then heated to a temperature of about 50 ° C. Combine the water and flour, knead the dough. The standard form is considered to be a round shape. It's these cakes made from the test. Thickness they should be about two centimeters. In the pan, they never pour oil or fat - they simply bake, periodically turning over. With these flat cakes used most of the dishes on which the Chechen cuisine is based.

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A soft, but rich enough cuisine of peoplesChechnya impresses with its diversity and traditions. For those who like experiments, it is worth trying some of its dishes, and perhaps the Chechen cuisine will appeal to all family members and become the main one in the house.

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