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Ice cream in the USSR - the taste of a happy childhood

Ice cream in the USSR

To our great regret, the modern youth,born after the collapse of the Soviet Union, will never be able to appreciate the taste of the product that the country was famous for the whole world. Ice cream in the USSR was so tasty that many foreigners on arrival first of all bought themselves a portion of this delicacy. Despite the fact that some modern manufacturers continue to produce ice cream under Soviet trademarks and GOSTs of the Union, in that form no one can repeat it by 100%.

Ice cream in the USSR did not differ greatdiversity. Most often there was milk, cream, chocolate, fruit and berry, cream-brulee, eskimo and all the favorite plombir. This abundance was noted mainly in large cities. In provincial settlements and villages, ice cream was sold not only in portion packs, but also in weight. At the same time, a man, standing a long line, could buy himself several kilograms of delicious goodies. This ice cream was delivered to the store in cardboard boxes. It was packed in polyethylene, the seller with a special spoon dialed a tender mass and, as a rule, filled it with glass banks of buyers.

Ice cream in accordance with GOST USSR (prescription)

Despite the fact that in some cities and villagesice cream was rarely sold, everyone who tried it, remembered an amazing milk taste for the rest of their lives. This delicacy was in demand among consumers of all age categories. No one was surprised even by the fact that many ate it on the street not only in the warm season, but also in winter frost. It's amazing, but behind such an occupation it was possible to catch not only children, but also respectable adults. The modern delicacy, despite the abundance of forms, names and packages, is practically not remembered by consumers, except for dyes and flavors. That is why many who tried ice cream in the USSR, try to buy a familiar from childhood delicacy, manufactured in accordance with GOST.

Ice cream of the USSR
Why is a modern product so different fromThe one that everyone used not so long ago? Ice cream in accordance with GOST USSR, the recipe of which everyone can learn now, was produced on the basis of only high-quality natural products. There were no artificial flavors and coloring agents, cow milk was used, and not palm oil. Popularizing the delicacy was the People's Commissar of Food of the USSR A. Mikoyan. On an industrial scale, ice cream began to be produced back in the 1930s. GOST 117-41, put into effect in 1941, was very tough. The quality of each batch was evaluated according to a special 100-point system. At any deviations from the established norms, the batch of the product was considered defective and was not released for sale. Ice cream in the USSR was produced without preservatives and using a single technology. Nobody could add anything to the recipe or remove it from it. That is why in all corners of the huge state there was the same ice cream. The USSR (plombir sold even abroad) was reverent about the quality of food products, so the Soviet cold delicacy was so loved by both citizens of the country and foreigners.

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