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How to cook apricot jam with apricot bones

Apricots are amazingly delicious summer fruits. And it's no wonder that many housewives are wondering how to make jam from apricots to preserve this ripe piece of sunny summer for autumn and winter. It is not difficult to cook it, although the recipes differ slightly from each other. Simply every mistress tries to achieve a special, unique taste. This will work, if, for example, boil apricot jam with apricot bones.

apricot jam with apricot bones
What for

Everyone knows that the nucleoli of the pits of this fruittasty and useful. To prepare jam, apricot bones are usually taken out, because it is not difficult to do this, and then you do not really want to spit them out with food. But it's a pity to throw out the nucleoli. So the hostess also invented a special recipe - "Apricot jam with apricot bones", which is also called "Tsar".

Recipe 1

Per kilogram of ripe fruit, freed fromseeds, take a kilogram of sugar, polchaynoy spoon of citric acid (or lemon juice) and nucleoli from the bones. Spread out a layer of halves of apricots and fill them with sugar, then put the apricots and sugar again until the food runs out. Leave for a rather long time, best for a day. Then gently mix the resulting mass. Place the dishes with jam on a small fire, bring to a boil and cook, stirring constantly with a spoon until it is ready. Usually it's about 40 minutes. 5 minutes before the end of cooking, add lemon (or acid) and bones and mix well. Ready jam from apricots with pits to be packed on cans, while it is hot.

jam from apricots with bones
Recipe 2: "Five-Minute"

In order to cook a delicious jam onthis recipe, you need to carefully remove the stones from apricots, trying not to damage the fruit. Then get the nucleolus and put it in place of the stone. Then the syrup is prepared. For this, the sugar dissolves in a small amount of boiling water. Then apricots are placed there, cooked for no more than five minutes and cooled. Again, a little boil and then cool again. And so continue until the apricot jam with apricot bones will not be ready.

Recipe 3: "Royal"

As in the previous version, large elastic fruitsCare should be taken to remove them from the bones, and then insert nucleoli into their place. Also, a syrup with a small amount of water is brewed (sugar is taken per kilogram of apricots a pound of sand). Only when they prepare this apricot jam with apricot bones, the fruits themselves are not brewed. After the sugar dissolves in boiling water, apricots are poured into the syrup obtained. After cooling, the syrup is drained, boiled again, and the fruit is poured again. So repeat several times. The more the number of such fillings, the more delicious the result will be.

how to cook jam from apricots

When deciding how to make jam from apricots,to surprise everyone, the landlady can also look at other recipes. By the way, if your own nucleoli of the apricot kernels are not too tasty, you can use instead of them ordinary walnuts or nucleoli of almonds. They will also give the dish an original bitter-almond flavor.

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