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"Jean-Jacques" - a restaurant that embodied the dream of Russian gourmets

The French have always been verycooking. Yes, there to hide, sometimes too seriously. The European capital not only of fashion, but also of culinary art has more than once seen the suicide of chefs who could not afford even the smallest mistakes. Do not believe me? And what do you say about the cook named Vatel, who committed suicide in 1671 because of the badly delivered fresh fish?

And here's another example of your devotion tothe case that happened in 2003: Bernard Loiseau could not accept the news that his restaurant received only two Michelin stars instead of three. There have been a lot of such cases, and this proves once again that French culinary experts have a bloody spirit of rivalry, and they take to heart all the failures associated with their profession.

Continuing the

It is impossible not to disagree with the fact that, despitesuch sad stories of suicides, people's traditional food of this country brought only pleasure. For many centuries up to now, French cuisine has been divided into 2 directions: high for ordinary people. Do not you think that absolutely all the inhabitants of this wonderful country begin their day with foie gras?

Agree, everyone at least once, but I would like to feela harmonious combination of refinement and at the same time the simplicity that any French restaurant has. And what if there is no money for the trip, and the desire to try a real crispy croissant is just crazy? For such people, the wonderful Jean-Jacques restaurant on Taganka opens its doors.

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To be more precise, this is the French bistro, which was presented to us by two talented and famous people in the culinary world, Mitya Borisov and Dmitry Yampolsky.

Description of the institution

Remember the song of Russian pop singer Yolki: "A cozy cafe on the streets with wicker furniture, where red wine from the local cellars of large Chateaux"? It is she who is able to characterize the atmosphere that is fraught with restaurant "Jean-Jacques". Moscow once again proves to the whole world that even far from Paris anyone can enjoy delicious French dishes, crispy fragrant pastries and various sorbets. And the main thing is that prices do not bite, but on the contrary, they pleases the eye and the wallet of clients.

Cozy tables for 2 persons, set onwide window sill, leading burgundy colors in the interior, floor in the form of a chessboard, all this - the French restaurant "Jean-Jacques". If you have ever been in a cozy Parisian classic cafes, then you will certainly learn this style, which, it should be noted, was given very well.

"Jean Jacques" - a restaurant that is primarilyattracts with its relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The client base of the institution is very diverse. For example, here you can often meet a couple in love, grumbling about each other's feelings, an office clerk studying important documents on a laptop connected to a power outlet, or a creative personality who often come here to learn French inspiration.

As for the menu, it is very diverse. In it you will find not only traditional dishes, but also culinary delights from the chef of the establishment "Jean-Jacques". The restaurant also has an excellent wine list that will complement your meal, for example, a glass of red semisweet.

Way from threshold to order

To begin with, I want to note that "Jean-Jacques"A restaurant that is visible from afar, as soon as you exit the subway crossing. Regardless of which part of the city it is (in Moscow there are several such establishments), a large sign will show you the right road, and you will not pass by. Crossing the threshold, you immediately feel the French spirit, and this is not surprising, because the interior designer was a real Parisian in the 13th generation. Pleasantly surprised by the zoning space: at the entrance there is a room for smokers, then 2 small, but quite cozy hall. The first one - in red, the second - in white color scheme, and, certainly, pleases presence of a summer verandah.

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Also worth noting that all the waiters of the networkrestaurants "Jean-Jacques" neat form, which in style is similar to their Parisian counterparts. As in any European institution, before the order the waiter brings water, so here, but only it is served in a bottle of wine. Trifle, but nice, you will agree. And if you come in the cold season, then you will definitely be offered a rug. After that you are given the main book of the institution - the menu.

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What will please a wide range

The menu though has a wide range, but forclients sometimes this is not enough. Nevertheless, here you can try traditional French dishes cooked on grill, salads, snacks, cheeses, sorbets, soups, side dishes, sauces. Bread here is not from store shelves, but a real hot and crispy baguette.

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Deserves deserve special attention. Be sure to order yourself a croissant and a baked apple with honey, raisins and nuts of cedar. The average cost of a check varies from 1500 to 2000 rubles.

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What people say about "Jean-Jacques" (restaurant)

Reviews of the French bistro network are surprisingonly positive. Guests of institutions say that every visit to the restaurant "Jean-Jacques" is a new discovery. Pleasant French chanson, playing the role of background music, does not interfere with the satisfaction of gourmet wishes. Having tried the famous onion soup and frog legs, you will be full and feel that you are no longer able to master the dessert. And this is another reason to return to this beautiful institution. Visitors say that they would like to return to this restaurant, and more than once.

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