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John Donne pub in Moscow

Moscow is not only an abundance of cultural andentertainment programs, but also a huge number of various catering establishments. Cafes, canteens, eateries, dumplings, pomp, pancakes, restaurants, bars, etc. And there are such establishments that combine the advantages of several places. For example, the pub "John Donne". We will tell you about its features, introduce the menu and give the addresses of the establishments of this network.

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Pub "John Donne" (Moscow): description

Many people are well aware that in similarinstitutions can drink draft beer or bottled beer, watch the broadcast of sports matches and programs. The pub "John Donne" created all the conditions for recreation fans. But here come not only sports lovers, but also people who want to drink a mug of foam drink, have a delicious meal and spend time in a pleasant and cheerful atmosphere.

What can you say about the interior of the institution? It is made in the style of classic English pubs. On the walls hang large plasma TVs, there is sports symbolism. In the menu you will be offered more than ten types of beer, as well as dishes of British and European cuisine. Many people come here to have lunch or dinner.

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Here you will find not only a wide range of delicious and fresh beers, but also a variety of the most delicious snacks to it. Visitors with great pleasure book the following dishes:

  • Baked nuts with paprika and salt.
  • Shaurma with French fries.
  • Vegetable sticks.
  • Garlic toasts.
  • Chocolate "Taco" with beef and cheese.
  • A classic cheeseburger.
  • Cheese balls.
  • Burger with chicken.
  • English share with meat.
  • Meat soup.
  • Hot tongue with potatoes and mustard dressing.
  • Mashed potatoes with truffle oil.
  • "Caesar" with chicken.
  • Steaks.
  • Apple pie.

Also in the pub "John Donne" you will be offered Englishbreakfast. It is interesting to know what it is? Potatoes, tender bacon, fragrant sausages, tomatoes, beans and toast. Visitors often order this dish. Sweetheads will like a variety of ice cream. Here there are chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and many other flavors.


In Moscow there are several institutions with the name "John Donne". We suggest you to get acquainted with their location:

  • Nikitsky Boulevard, house 12. Nearby is the metro station - "Arbatskaya".
  • The upper Radishchevskaya, 15/2. The metro is Taganskaya.
  • Street of Leo Tolstoy, house 185. Metro station - "Park Kultury".
  • Leninsky Prospekt, 4. Metro - Oktyabrskaya.

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John Donne Pub: reviews

In Moscow it is very easy to find an institutioncatering, which will be to the liking of any person. But if you love sports and do not miss a single match with your favorite team, then you should definitely visit the pub "John Donne". Here there is a unique atmosphere. You can not only watch exciting sports programs, but also communicate with friends or friends in a relaxed atmosphere. Also among the merits of the establishment can be noted: quick and courteous service, a variety of types of foam drink, affordable prices, delicious snacks, live music and much more. As a rule, visitors do not leave negative reviews about this pub.

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