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Do you know how to pickle tomatoes in a bank?

What is marinating? This is one of the most common ways of preserving vegetables, sometimes fruits and berries using acetic essence. The most important thing in this process is that in the presence of table salt the acid kills microorganisms that can be found in water, on vegetables and can walls. In some cases, in addition to salt, sugar and vegetable oil are added to the pickle.

how to pickle tomatoes in a jar

How to pickle tomatoes in a jar?

Mistresses usually pickle vegetables in the beginning and in the middleautumn. It was during this period that farmers and summer residents harvest crops from their kitchen gardens. The most popular vegetables for pickling are cucumbers, tomatoes, cauliflower, green beans, even watermelons. And then roll all this good into the banks, in cold winter weather you can enjoy bright red and green fruits, getting from the pantry pickled cucumbers in three-liter bottles or pickled tomatoes in liter jars. By the way, it is very convenient in these containers to pickle small tomatoes of oblong varieties or varieties of cherry.

Many housewives before canning beginlook for new recipes in books, on Internet sites, look through various culinary programs, read magazines, ask the more experienced neighbors or girlfriends. But there are also those who strictly adhere to grandmother's recipes, which tell in detail how to pickle tomatoes in the bank. Sometimes even the slightest nuance, some seemingly insignificant detail, for example, the use of a particular spice or information about the exact proportions of the products used can turn your vegetables into a snack with an unmatched taste. Let's get acquainted with the ancient recipe, which describes how to pickle tomatoes in jars.

how to pickle tomatoes in jars
"Grandma's recipe"

Necessary ingredients (for four 1 liter cans):

  • tomatoes of elongated varieties -1.5-2 kg;
  • garlic - 8 denticles;
  • parsley and dill - 3 branches each;
  • bay leaf - 8 pieces;
  • salt - at the rate of 1 tbsp. l. per 1000 ml of water;
  • sugar - at the rate of 3 tbsp. l. per 1000 ml of water;
  • black pepper (peas) - 10-12 grains;
  • acetic essence - 4 tsp.

How to pickle tomatoes in a jar: the stages of cooking

  1. pickled tomatoes in a liter jar

    Before you start the canning, you need to make sure that all the fruits are healthy. They should be the same size and in no case unreached.
  2. In the next stage, the tomatoes need to be cut off the stems, washed, carefully dried with a cotton towel. Also wash the greens. Peel the garlic.
  3. We prepare cans and covers. To do this, you must first thoroughly wash and dry them. Wash the lids and boil them.
  4. At the bottom of the jar put greens (finely chopped), chopped garlic (circles), black peas and two laurel leaves.
  5. Put the tomatoes in the jar, having previously pierced the toothpick of the peduncle.
  6. Prepare the brine and pour the cans with tomatoes, cover with lids and boil in water for 6 to 8 minutes.
  7. Banks carefully remove from boiling water, lift the lid, add 1 tsp. essences, and roll up the lids.

That's all. Now you know how to pickle the tomatoes in the bank. You can try it yourself. Good luck!

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