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300 grams of flour - how many glasses are there, or the mass of food

Each house has its own order, especiallykitchen. Having learned to reproduce favorite grandmother's and mother's recipes, the young mistress, as a rule, also adopts all tricks, subtleties of measurement "by eye" and other nuances. But later, when mastering new horizons of cooking, there are unexpected obstacles due to different ways of filing recipes. Especially it concerns the measurement of the number of ingredients. So there are questions: "300 grams of flour - how many glasses?", Or: "How many grams in three teaspoons?" Even if there are no scales in the kitchen, you can very easily get out of this situation. For a long time there are special tables that help to determine the mass and volume of products.

300 grams of flour how many glasses

Mistress in the kitchen do their own work every daysomething special and very tasty. In most cases, it happens that many dishes are prepared from memory, not observing the weight of the products. But if a girl wants to surprise her family with a festive cake, then she will have to observe the proportions exactly. For example, for such a dish you need to know: 300 grams of flour - how many glasses are there? On how accurately the number of ingredients is calculated, the result itself depends.

300 grams of flour: how many glasses, spoons?

Quite often it happens that the scales break down,or you have not had time to buy them. Then the help will necessarily come special advice, thanks to which the landlady will be able to find out: 300 grams of flour - is how many glasses?

300 grams of flour how many glasses

If we take the usual standard glass, inwhich 250 ml, it is easy to determine the weight of the product. For example, it will not be difficult to find out: 300 grams of flour - how many glasses are there? In such a glass, only 160 grams will fit, hence 300 grams - 1,875 cups. In another way, you can weigh this product in the following way: take a half-liter jar and pour flour there. If the weight is basic to a gram, you can simply take two extra full glasses with a spoon with the expectation that there is 25 in the dining room and 10 grams in the tea room.

How to measure different types of flour?

It should be remembered that flour is differentspecies like the gritty, potato, wheat, corn. That is why you should understand: 300 grams of flour - how many glasses of it? The thin glass contains: gritty flour - 170 grams of potato - 200 Wheat - 160 Corn - 160. tablespoon contains: gritty flour - 20 grams, potato - 30, wheat - corn and 25 - 30. In teaspoonful contains : gritty - 7 grams, potato - 10, wheat - 10, corn - 10. With these tips, you can weigh up to 300 grams of flour, how many glasses you will need for a particular recipe.

300 grams of flour is how many glasses

Knowledge that is required when measuring the weight of products

In order to know the exact weight of the product, the following tips should be adhered to:

  • If you measure liquid foods, then you need to fill the glasses and spoons to the top.
  • Measuring the weight of products in a container, you can not tamp them - this is especially true for flour. Because, for example, flour in a glass weighs 160 grams, and in a compacted form - 210 grams.
  • It is worth remembering that when the humidity fluctuates, the product will weigh differently, for example, wet sugar will be heavier than dry.
  • Bulk products must be measured unseparated, and after that, gently sift and discard what remains.

    300 grams of flour how many glasses

  • Viscous products, such as condensed milk, jam, sour cream, should be placed in a glass so that a small slide forms. In this way, you can correctly measure all products.
  • It is important to remember that when measuring the weight of products, it is necessary to consider the following factors: humidity, freshness and composition.

Product Weight Table

The information that is presented in this article,are necessary in order to accurately calculate the weight of the product. In this way it is very easy to measure the mass of ingredients at home. With the help of this memo the mistress will be able to cook a wonderful and delicious lunch.

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