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Than to have a snack of vodka, so as not to have a hangover?

Probably, each of us knows the situation whenpleasant gatherings with friends result in the fact that next morning the state of health leaves much to be desired. And then the question arises, than to have a snack of vodka the next time to avoid it. In fact, the answer lies on the surface: it's better not to drink at all, and then there will be no problems. This is true, but now we will not consider moral issues, drink or not drink - each person makes a decision independently. But the culture of drinking strong spirits is useful information that can be useful to you. So, what to eat the best vodka.

than to have a snack of vodka

The basic rules of a good feast

First of all I want to say that the goalfeast is not the use of alcohol, and the more intoxication. But since alcohol is an essential attribute, you need to take this into account and know well what to have a snack of vodka. There are certain rules that need to be adhered to, and then the holiday will leave only the best memories. First of all, the glasses should be vodka, that is, they can hold up to 50 ml, you can and less. Strong alcoholic beverages must be necessarily chilled. Do not forget about how to drink vodka properly. Drinking in a salvo is a sign of bad taste. Be sure to drink in small sips. That's why a clean drink is often replaced with cocktails or adds ice to it. You can not mix different spirits, and it's also important to have a good snack.

the better to have a snack of vodka

Preparation for the feast

If today you plan to drink alcohol, thenit is necessary to prepare the body in advance. A little later we will take a closer look at what to eat than vodka, but for now let's learn how to prepare for the party properly. First of all, we must remember that 5% of alcohol is absorbed from the oral cavity, 25% is absorbed in the stomach, and the greater part - in the intestine. Therefore, you can not drink on an empty stomach. 1-3 hours before the adoption of alcohol you need to eat tightly, then the walls of the stomach and intestines will be protected. An hour before taking alcohol, it is worth taking a pill "Festal", as well as a few drops of ascorbic, as under the influence of alcohol, vitamin C is destroyed. Receiving strong alcohol impoverishes the body, depriving him of potassium and magnesium, sodium and phosphorus, so be sure to have a table on the table, pickled cucumbers and sauerkraut.

Take a bite or a drink

Often there is a question, to drink or have a snackvodka. Do not hesitate, drinking is a sign of bad taste, besides, as doctors say, it is this way of drinking that brings the most harm to the body. Getting into the stomach of alcohol is perceived as poisoning, therefore due to the water available in the body, this product will be washed away. But if you are drinking it, it will be perceived by the body as already carried out washing. This will accelerate the onset of intoxication, and also lead to the emergence of various health problems.

than to properly eat vodka

Foods that should not be snacked

Just wait a little longer, we will soon move on toTo consider what is better to have a snack of vodka. First, let's remove from the menu something that is not at all suitable for this purpose. First of all, we send back to the fridge cakes and cakes with cream. Any product requires splitting and digestion. Alcohol and sweets are two competitors. In this case, first of all the body will split the sweets, because glucose is the most important for him, and alcohol will poison the body. As a result - a rapid intoxication and a severe hangover, because toxic substances have long influenced the body.

The second product, which needs to be removed from the table -this is chocolate. In combination with alcohol, it will give a strong load on the pancreas, and in addition will block some of the ducts. Do not put on the table and fresh tomatoes, as they enhance the negative effect of alcohol. But the following paragraph may surprise you: abolish fatty and fried meat from the list of snacks. Such dishes exacerbate and prolong the action of alcohol. Plus, it's an extra burden on the liver. You should not get involved in sharp snacks, pickled cucumbers (as opposed to salted), as well as grapes, watermelons and melons.

wash down or have a snack of vodka

Than we will have a snack

We have already realized that sweets and heavy food, thenthere is sausage, fried meat, this is not at all what we need. Then what is better to eat vodka? In the traditions of the Russian people there is a rule to bite vinaigrette, and this is very wise. In this salad a full set of vegetables, sauerkraut and pickled cucumbers, onions and vegetable oil. What the doctor prescribed. It is very important to supplement such a snack with meat or fish. The best way is to choose boiled or baked lean meat. However, fish will be the best choice, so whenever possible, serve mackerel or herring on the table. If there is no such possibility, then it is possible to take fish oil in capsules. Baked or boiled vegetables will be an excellent snack after the main course, when toasts continue. Now you know how to properly eat vodka, and you can prepare a table for the guests' meeting.

than to have a snack of vodka in order not to be ill

What else to put on the table

To prevent excessive intoxication anda hangover, you need to choose foods that contain a lot of organic acids. That's why in the recommendations, what is the proper way to eat vodka is always said that on the table there should be apple juice and lemons. Experts say that there is an evening to eat whole lemon with a skin, then you can drink as much as you want.

A very good option for snacks is cookedpotatoes, it is recommended to serve with butter and greens. But if you think, than to have a snack of vodka to not be ill, raw eggs and sunflower oil will help you. Just two eggs and a couple spoons of butter - and you can drink a bottle of vodka, remaining sober.

We continue to make a menu

In fact, this is not so difficult and does not requirelarge investments. We have already said that it is extremely important to serve meat and fish dishes. A very useful product is lard. It protects the stomach and intestines well. What do Russian people usually eat vodka? Of course it's cold. A great choice, since the consumption of alcohol leads to glycine deficiency, and the cartilage, from which the cold is cooked, is replenished. Bouillon and proteins remove aldehydes and under-oxidized products. But horseradish and mustard is best left for later.

than usually have a snack of vodka

Soups and borsch

We are used to choosing in the menu for alcohol onlysecond dishes, and this is not always true. Rich soups and borsch with meat will help to avoid a hangover and a headache, so do not give up the first dishes. Solyanka is a good choice as a snack. Good pickles are salted and soaked apples, sauerkraut. Recreation on the nature of many combined with shish kebabs for vodka, but this option - not the most successful. Better to boil the meat and serve on a table with vegetables.

baked vegetables

To avoid a hangover

First of all, you need to observe the measure. No recipes will help you, if you manage to drink a few bottles of vodka. However, the correct snack will minimize the harm caused to your body. So, a few hours before taking alcohol, you need to drink a couple of raw eggs. After 15-20 minutes, it is good to eat 50 g of butter or drink a vegetable, and also take activated charcoal. And as a snack, try a special paste that protects the body from alcohol. To make it, you will need canned sardine oil, 250 grams of fatty cheese and bread. Cheese should be rubbed, mixed with butter and spread on bread.

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