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How to replace vinegar and its types

Vinegar is a product without which it can notno kitchen in the kitchen. But many are afraid to use the store in preparing their dishes, for fear of preservatives that manufacturers add. And they often wonder if vinegar can be substituted.

Types of vinegar

To begin with, it is necessary to understand whichtypes of vinegar are. The most common is synthetic or, as it is also called, table, which is most often used by the hostess in the preparation of dishes, as well as in canning and baking. Less commonly used natural types of this product.

By nature, you can include apple, wine,balsamic, rice, reed, malt. Apple can be in liquid form, as well as in the form of tablets. Balsamic, which is extracted from grapes, is also called royal. Natural balsamic is an expensive product that is used exclusively for flavoring or marinating expensive varieties of fish and meat.

Wine is produced by fermenting wine and veryoften used by housewives in cooking as an alternative to white wine, but only with the addition of sugar. In European countries, rice has become widely known for its enthusiasm for oriental cuisine, in particular sushi. Also, rice vinegar is added to salads and for the preparation of various marinades and even beverages.

Reed - the most expensive and rare speciesVinegar, which is little used in cooking around the world. Often it is used by gourmets for cooking meat dishes. Malt is used to make mostly dishes of British cuisine, in particular for puddings and soups.

types of vinegar

Next, consider what can replace vinegar in the preparation of a dish, as well as conservation.

How to replace vinegar table

Housewives love to use table vinegar whenconservation of various vegetables. But there are also those who categorically reject its use and replace it more with citric acid or natural juice.

In general, any vinegar can be replaced with citric acid, but if you want to get closer to the taste of the original product, then you will have to try to find a worthy replacement.

The better to replace apple cider vinegar in baking

Apple cider vinegar, which is often used inbaking, you can, just like the dining room, replace citric acid. Besides it, it can be replaced with any fruit acid. As is known, vinegar in baking is used exclusively as a baking powder in order to quench soda. Therefore, as a substitute, in addition to fruit acid, any other baking powder purchased in the store can come to the rescue.

Apple vinegar

If it is a question of what to replace wine vinegar,then this is perhaps the simplest task. It can be replaced with any white or red wine, depending on which dish you want to add the right ingredient.

If it is necessary to replace balsamicvinegar must be considered cooking each dish separately. For example, in salad or meat dishes, you can add the same citric acid diluted with water, or a white wine with the addition of various spices.

How to replace rice vinegar

For the preparation of land is always usedrice, and rarely it is replaced with a similar sauce. To prepare the sauce still have to resort to the addition of vinegar, at least table. So, you need to take two tablespoons of its synthetic variant, add 40 milliliters of soy sauce, a pinch of salt and sugar. The resulting mixture should be heated on a small fire.

rice vinegar

Therefore, we can conclude that replacing rice vinegar with ingredients where any other kind of vinegar for making sushi will not be used is not possible.

So, asking yourself, the question of what to replace the vinegar, try to use products that taste the most similar to the original.

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