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Compote of apples for the winter

Summer is the time of harvesting. Mistresses salted and marinated cucumbers and tomatoes, rolled candied berries in a jar and, of course, cooked compotes. They can be very different - plum, cherry, from a mixture of berries and fruits and, of course, apple.

A compote of bottles for winter is done in almost every family. These apples grow in many gardens, and in the harvest year the tree stands, topped to the bottom, sprinkled with juicy fruits.

How to prepare a compote of apples for the winter?

To start, you need to prepare the banks, wash them withclean and sterilize for a couple of minutes 15-20. Apples are washed and put into clean dishes so that they occupy the third part of the volume. Prepare a sweet syrup - pour half a kilogram of sugar with two liters of water, mix and boil until the crystals dissolve completely. Apples in the bank are poured with boiling syrup and immediately they are rolled.

You can prepare compote of apples for the winter according to the following recipe:

Fill the jar with fruit until the neck. Dissolve a pound of sugar in a liter of water, boil and, when the sugar dissolves, pour them apples. According to this recipe, the compote turns out to be very saturated and concentrated, in the bank it will be quite a bit. This method of preservation is more suitable for preserving apples.

Very delicious turns compote of apples and black cherry.

To make it you need to take: sugar, a glass of chokeberry and a liter of wounds cut into 2 parts.

Before you cook the compote of applesit is necessary to prepare the syrup. It is prepared from the calculation: 300 grams of granulated sugar per liter of water. Fill the sugar with water and put the pan on a minimal fire. Berries and apples are put in prepared banks. The syrup is cooked, stirring constantly, until all the sugar dissolves, then remove the pan from the fire and fill the apples with ash. Banks roll, turn over and cover with a blanket or a large towel.

Compote of apples for the winter can be prepared according to the following recipe:

Ingredients: apples, sugar and water. With apples peeled, remove the core and remove the petioles. Cut them into 4-6 pieces and add them to the steam-treated banks so that they occupy the fourth part of their volume. Prepare syrup - fall asleep in a pan 2 cups of sugar and pour two liters of water. Boil at minimum heat, stirring constantly, until the sugar is completely dissolved. Pour the syrup into the jars and leave for 20 minutes. Then it is poured back into the pan, boiled again and again pour the apples. Roll up the banks with boiled lids and turn over the blanks.

Very tasty it turns out compote of apples for the winter with the addition of pears.

To prepare it you will need: kilograms of apples, a pound of pears, 1.5 cups of sugar and water. With large apples and pears peel, remove cuttings and a core with seeds. If the fruits are small, they can be put in a jar entirely. Sugar is poured with a liter of water and boiled, stirring, over low heat until it completely dissolves. Fill the fruit with a sweet syrup and put the jar sterilized for 20 minutes. Then the can is closed with boiled lids, turned over and covered with a cloth.

For the winter you can cook a delicious apple-cherry compote.

Fruits can be taken in different proportions. That the cherry sour was felt stronger, you need to take cherries and apples in equal parts. Those who prefer apple taste, only a little shaded cherry, it is worth to take fruit in proportions of 2 to 1.

Compote of apples for the winter with cherries

To make it, you need to take: 700 grams of fresh apples and 300 grams of cherries, two glasses of sugar and 1.5 liters of water. Prepare a sweet syrup - dissolve sugar in water and boil over minimal heat. Purify apples - remove peel from them and remove seeds, remove cherries from the cherry. Transfer the fruit to a jar, pour it in syrup, sterilize for a quarter of an hour, and roll up the blanks for the winter.

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