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Mushroom salad of champignons

Given that the popularity of mushrooms is veryTherefore, there are a lot of recipes for dishes using these fungi. Culinary specialists around the world widely use champignons in their author's masterpieces. One of the leading places in this variety is a salad of champignon mushrooms.

Salads use marinated, fried andboiled mushrooms. Everyone can choose a favorite recipe. From mushrooms of champignons, you can prepare an original salad called "Mushroom Glade". For this you need marinated mushrooms mushrooms. We boil two medium potatoes and two eggs. You will also need one small onion, carrots in Korean and greens (parsley and dill).

We cut small potatoes and lay them on the bottomdishes. It can be slightly salted. The next layer is carrots in Korean. For convenience, you can cut it into small pieces. Next three on the grater yolks and put on a plate. Then cut the finely marinated mushrooms. This will be the next layer. We leave a few mushrooms in one piece for decoration. Add the finely chopped onions. The last layer is laid out grated squirrel. Potatoes can also be grated, not cut. Then the salad will turn out more gently. Each layer of lettuce must be smeared with mayonnaise. From above put the remaining mushrooms in random order. All sprinkled with herbs. You should get a clearing with fungi that look out of the green. This salad of champignons mushrooms turns tender and tasty.

Recipes of salads with champignon mushrooms are differentits originality and high nutritional value. The structure of champignons includes many useful substances and a special protein. Therefore, frying or cooking mushrooms for salad preparation should not be very long, so that they do not lose their properties.

We offer another salad of champignon mushrooms. It is called "Watermelon" due to its original design. For its preparation, the following products are required: fresh champignons, hard cheese, two small potatoes, two eggs, carrots in Korean, fresh cucumber and tomato, smoked chicken and olives.

Potatoes and eggs boil, mushrooms finely regimen andfry. We take a shallow plate and lay out the products with layers. Chop finely chicken meat and make the first layer. Next comes the Korean carrot, which is cut into small pieces. After that, three on the grater boiled potatoes and put on a plate. Then go fried mushrooms mushrooms. After that, rub on the grater eggs and sprinkle with the next layer. The final stage will be grated cheese. Do not forget to cover every layer with mayonnaise.

Next, we begin to decorate the dish. Fresh cucumber rubbed on a grater and spread on the edge of the dish. Then a thin strip should be laid grated cheese. Tomatoes cut into small cubes and put in the middle of the dish. From above on tomatoes it is necessary to put cut in the form of stones of a water-melon, olives. As a result, a plate should get a watermelon.

You can make a quick salad of mushroomschampignons. For this you need marinated mushrooms. Cut them in small medium pieces. Then add the canned beans there, first it is necessary to drain the juice from it. Then follows the canned peas and finely chopped onions. All thoroughly mixed and seasoned with vegetable oil. If desired, you can salad salad and pepper. The number of ingredients depends on your preferences. But on average, one bank of peas, one bank of beans and a bank of pickled mushrooms. This salad is indispensable when you need to quickly prepare a snack for sudden guests. You just need to always have the listed products in stock.

Recipes from champignon mushrooms differ in their variety. Each hostess can choose the one that will be more suitable at the moment.

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