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Oxygen cocktail - what is it? Composition, benefit and harm

Oxygen cocktail - what is it? We all heard of such an invention. But that this may not be understood by everyone. It is worth describing the positive and negative properties of this drink.

Oxygen cocktail: what is it?

It is a useful drink that is richly saturated with oxygen. As a rule, various additives are used in its preparation, which make it very tasty.

Very often this drink can be prescribed by doctors as a prophylaxis of oxygen starvation of the body. Is it true that this method is very effective?

Is it possible, and if possible, how to make an oxygen cocktail at home? This does not require expensive and cumbersome equipment.

mixture for oxygen cocktails

History of creation

Such a cocktail was thought up in the 60s of XXcenturies in the course of studying by scientists the effect of pure 99% oxygen (medical) on the gastrointestinal tract. Thus, the procedure consisted in injecting foaming oxygen through a probe (about 2 liters). And the results were good. Significant improvement in the condition of patients was recorded.

Since the procedure, despite the effect, is extremelyunpleasant, N.N. Sirotinin invented an oxygen cocktail. He gained wide popularity in the sanatoriums of the Soviet Union, but was very expensive, why the opportunity to try the effect of the drink was available only to wealthy patients.

Technical progress increased the availability of the cocktail after 10 years, but its popularity plummeted, the drink was unfairly forgotten. Today, the demand for it has increased again.

From what is prepared the oxygen cocktail

The first cocktails were made from egg whites,carefully whipped. His taste was not the most pleasant (raw eggs), and the foam very quickly settled. Therefore, this product was replaced with licorice root. Thanks to a combination with various berry and fruit syrups, vitamins, prevention and treatment have become pleasant.

To date, a mixture for oxygenCocktails can include liquorice or licorice root, egg whites or gelatinous solution. Each of the ingredients is the basis for the cocktail, but most often the licorice root is used.

In medical institutions, cocktails filled with medical oxygen from cylinders are sold, and the basis can be milk, fruit syrup, juice, herbal decoction and even water - for every taste.

How much does an oxygen cocktail

This business continues to gain momentum. They were interested not only in pharmacies and medical institutions, but also in supermarkets, shopping centers, cafes.

oxygen cocktail price

More and more often you can find so-calledoxy-bars, which specialize exclusively in such a drink as an oxygen cocktail. His price in medical institutions fluctuates around 50 rubles for a half-liter glass. As for other institutions, the cost will be from 60-70 rubles and above.

It is in such bars that it's easiest to try an oxygen cocktail, what is it, is it tasty and how useful can you ask the bartenders.

Benefits of an oxygen cocktail

There is even a special subsection of medicine - oxygen therapy. Scientists (adherents of this trend) argue that the regular intake of such a drink has a very beneficial effect on the human body.

What is useful oxygen cocktail? First of all, immunity increases, metabolism stabilizes, work efficiency improves, and symptoms of hypoxia (lack of oxygen in the blood) are neutralized. And adding vitamins to the composition makes it even more useful.

Studies show that hitting inthe gastrointestinal tract, oxygen is immediately absorbed into the blood. Thus, it is absorbed much faster, instantly turning into energy, which stimulates, in the first place, the metabolic processes of the body.

Moreover, such cocktails are recommendedto use to sportsmen, pregnant women, children and people with weakened immunity. Residents of large cities with poor ecology will also immediately feel better. How useful is an oxygen cocktail for them? It's like a breath of fresh air in a dusty city.

oxygen cocktail what is it

Who can be harmful to the oxygenate drink

Of course, there are many people in the world whooxygen cocktail can bring and harm. Therefore, before considering the question of how to make an oxygen cocktail at home, it is necessary to clarify whether you fall into the category of people to whom it is contraindicated.

The benefits will not be to a person who has an allergy to at least one component. Do not think about an oxygen cocktail, what is this magic means, so the allergic reaction does not manifest itself.

People who have acute attacksbronchial asthma, there are diseases of the respiratory system also do not feel useful properties. In such cases it is better not to try. Moreover, drinking a drink can be dangerous.

Also, contraindications include such diseases as hyperthermia, intoxication (poisoning), stomach ulcers, intestinal adhesions, diabetes mellitus, and cholelithiasis.

How to make an oxygen cocktail at home

how to make an oxygen cocktail at home

You can prepare the drink in two ways: technical (oxygen cocktail and mixer) and manual (tube with aerator or natural blowing agent).

Technical methods are generally used invarious social institutions: schools, kindergartens, sanatoria and recreation centers, as well as in oxy bars in private business. With the help of such equipment, the foam is dense and thick. Fillers are used different.

It is worth knowing the following rules:

  1. The temperature of the juice or syrup should be at room temperature;
  2. Do not press the cylinder valve to the end, oxygen should go out slowly to form a thick foam;
  3. Syrup should be diluted with water in proportions of 3 to 1;
  4. Cocktail should be eaten with a teaspoon and a little;
  5. Juices with pulp or carbonated drinks for home cocktails are not suitable.

How to drink an oxygen cocktail

than useful oxygen cocktail

It is better to drink it 1,5 hours before a meal, letit will be lunch time. If you forgot to drink a cocktail before eating, then after a meal should take 2 hours. This drink is eaten with a spoon for about 5 minutes. Nutritionists recommend not to abuse the product and eat (drink) no more than two servings per day. Cocktail is worth taking for 15 days or less. You must always consult a doctor. And one more thing you need to know about an oxygen cocktail, you can not drink it through a tube, because so you can burn the esophagus and mucous membranes.

What kind of oxy-cocktails can I make?

The recipe of an oxygen cocktail fortifying. Brew in 1-1.5 liters of water 10 gr. herbs immortelle and 50 gr. rose hips. We let it brew for 5-6 hours. Next, infusion filter and add 100 ml of licorice root. In the resulting mixture, add berry or fruit syrup at your discretion, for example, strawberry. We pour into the oxygen cocktailer and prepare according to the instructions to the apparatus.

cocktail recipe
Anti-inflammatory cocktail. For 1 liter of water, add 1 tablespoon of calendula infusion and 1 tablespoon of chamomile infusion. Within 30-40 minutes we let stand, then we prepare the drink in a cocktail.

Fruit-milk oxy-drink "Apple pie". Take 60 milliliters of apple juice, 130 milliliters of milk and add 7 grams of vanilla oxygen mixture. You can also add a small pinch of cinnamon at will. The resulting mixture must be saturated with oxygen and the cocktail is ready.

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