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Restaurant "Tramplin" in Moscow: menu and reviews

Many tourists and some residents of Moscow do notalways know how to choose a good catering institution for recreation. This is no wonder. After all, in a huge number of similar institutions that are in our capital, you can just get confused, and not being able to choose the best. We will try to help you with this. Today we will talk about the restaurant "Springboard" on the Sparrow Hills. This institution is considered one of the best in Moscow. Numerous reviews of visitors who are present on the Internet, fully convince this.

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Restaurant "Tramplin" (Moscow): description

What qualities should the institution have?catering in the capital, to stand out among hundreds of similar ones? First of all, the menu should be varied and tasty. No less important is the atmosphere that reigns in the institution. Also at the height should be the level of service and much more. Restaurant "Tramplin" fully meets the most important criteria of institutions of this level. Visitors who come here for the first time are so fascinated by this place that they will certainly come back here again. A meeting at the height of a bird's flight or a friendly meeting will be romantic and unrepeatable. The sensations you experience here will be just magical.

A few words about the interior

In the restaurant there are six halls, in which, with a largethe comfort can accommodate more than three hundred people. The huge panoramic windows make even an ordinary meal into a festive occasion. The interior is dominated by calm, warm colors. Wooden tables and armchairs allow you to experience a feeling of comfort and home comfort. And the red cushions for sofas and armchairs add a special emphasis to the decoration of the halls.

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Distinctive features

Among the positive advantages of the restaurant "Tramplin" you can name the following positions:

  • cozy and comfortable interiors;
  • own smokehouse;
  • summer terrace;
  • live music;
  • hookah;
  • a dance floor;
  • conference hall;
  • qualified staff;
  • presence of a children's playground;
  • conducting interactive performances and master classes;
  • panoramic balcony and much more.
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Restaurant "Springboard": menu

It will be interesting to find out what dishes were prepared here for visitors. We suggest to get acquainted with the menu:

  • shish kebab from quail's pies with Peking sauce;
  • pork ribs baked on the grill;
  • steaks from lake trout;
  • meat of a king crab with avocado and cucumber;
  • khinkali with veal;
  • ragout of squid with potatoes;
  • julienne with quail;
  • soup with Parma ham chips;
  • cakes with crab;
  • saltwort with seafood;
  • okroshka on birch sap;
  • broccoli cream soup;
  • soft ice cream with various fillers;
  • chocolate dessert;
  • Cheesecake with milk chocolate;
  • milkshakes and much more.

The popularity and love of Muscovites andinhabitants from other cities enjoy unusually tasty and aromatic dishes cooked in a smokehouse. The menu also has a large selection of alcoholic beverages. Especially for little girls there is a children's menu, which is served beautifully decorated.

Address, opening hours

It's time to give the exact address of your favorite placetownspeople and numerous tourists. So, where is the restaurant "Tramplin"? The address is easy to remember - Vorobyovy Gory area, Kosygin street, 28. How does this institution work? The restaurant "Tramplin" on Vorobyovy Gory runs daily, without days off. The institution opens at 12.00, and closes at 24.00. How can I get here? We list the most convenient options:

  • metro station "Vorobyovy Gory";
  • trolleybus number 7.

The restaurant "Tramplin" is always glad to visitors and try to do everything that their rest was comfortable and unforgettable.

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Restaurant "Tramplin" is a high qualityprepared meals, a beautiful table setting, friendly service and a completely unique atmosphere that creates a sense of celebration. Here you can see absolutely unique views of Moscow. The restaurant will help organize and hold not only weddings and grandiose banquets, but also children's parties, as well as business negotiations. While parents are engaged in communication and a pleasant meal, their children are under the supervision of experienced animators. Many of those who have visited this institution, have become his regular customers and try to visit your favorite vacation spot as often as possible.

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