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Sesame seed: benefit and harm, composition and application

Sesame is a herb, in a different waystill called Sesamum indicum (sesame). It gives tasty and useful seeds, the medicinal properties of which were first recognized by the Egyptians as far back as 1500 BC. e. And not for nothing, because in their composition is 25% protein, which is vital for regeneration, growth and tissue repair. In addition, sesame is rich in many vitamins, as well as nutrients such as potassium and magnesium, copper and zinc, phosphorus and calcium. But in fact they all taken together play an important role in many processes occurring in the body.

Sesame seed. Benefit and harm

Sesame Seed Benefit and Harm

The most important positive seed qualitysesame is that it contains a lot of vitamin E, which, as is known, has a rejuvenating effect. It is also an excellent supplier of calcium in our body. A total of 100 grams of sesame seeds can replenish the daily rate of calcium. But such an amount, of course, is not recommended, only 30 grams of sesame is useful per day, the rest will be harmful. After all, the seed contains a lot of oil, which can cause nausea. Zinc and phosphorus, which are part of this wonderful product, are a good prevention of osteoporosis.

The seed contains a huge amountfiber, which takes care of the digestive system, preventing various diseases. Polyunsaturated fats, which are part of sesame, normalize the level of cholesterol in the blood. Sesame seed, the benefit of which we already know, also has its contraindications. It can not be used by people who have bad blood coagulation. Also, there may be a single allergic intolerance to this product. As you can see, if we consider what is the use and harm of sesame seeds, then the balance will outweigh the benefits - it is, of course, much more.

Application in cosmetology

Sesame Seed Benefit

Sesame oil has found its application inmanufacture of cosmetics. A decoction made on the basis of the leaves of this plant will accelerate the growth of the hair, make it smooth and permanently rid you of irritation and dandruff. Sesame oil is also actively used for massage. It perfectly relaxes, heals all wounds and bruises, cracks and corns with incredible speed. Masks and face cream made on the basis of sesame oil, significantly refresh skin color, eliminate inflammation on it and narrow the pores. All the positive qualities and not to list. The topic "Sesame Seed: Benefit and Harm" can be spoken endlessly!

Benefit and harm of sesame seed

Healing properties

Sesame well helps to cope with variousdiseases. Basically, it is used to treat colds, it facilitates breathing in diseases of the bronchi and lungs. He also copes with constipation and diarrhea. In addition, the product strengthens the immune system and removes stones from the kidneys.

Use in cooking

Sesame seed, the benefit and harm of which we already haveknown, also used to decorate dishes and give an unusual taste to baking. In China and Japan it is already customary to sprinkle salads and various dishes from vegetables. And in Korea it is used as a sesame salt (a mixture of salt and roasted ground seed). It also fits perfectly with fish, beef and rice. Now you also know about the sesame seed, the benefit and harm of which are detailed in this article.

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