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Cake "The Castle of Love" (Saratov): photo, reviews

Whatever the reason for the holiday - a wedding,anniversary or just a birthday, it ends with a delicious dessert. And most often it will be a cake, and made to order. It is more convenient and simpler, besides it will look like in the picture, and bring it exactly to the celebration. One of the favorites is the cake "The Castle of Love". Saratov is a city in which they know about it not by hearsay. I wonder what he earned such a love among the townspeople? Delicious "filling", a beautiful view and an opportunity to realize any whim - these are the three components of success.

Cake castle love saratov

What is inside

Prododetil, bet on an interestingdesign, initially offered its customers all 3 types of cakes: honey-nut "Castle of Love", "My General" and "Forbidden Fruit". For a long time this was more than enough. After all, all three options are familiar to many from childhood cakes. The first is honey cakes, sandwiched with sour cream with walnuts (sometimes prunes are added). The second is 3 biscuit cakes with nuts, cocoa, raisins and a layer of oil cream (it also has the second name "Assorted"). The third is a classic biscuit with sour cream, pineapple and peaches.

Over time, the cake "The Castle of Love" (Saratov) becameDo, based on other recipes. So you can still order the famous "Prague", a white biscuit with sour cream and fruit and berry confiture (depending on the layer it will be called strawberry, raspberry, and so on), a chocolate biscuit with "drunken" cherries, yoghurt-creamy and some others. All this allowed the confectioner to attract new customers and support the brand.

Than decorate

But how will the ordered look"The lock of love"? Cakes can be not only the most bizarre shapes, but also with interesting ornaments. To realize the most daring ideas of customers, confectioners in their arsenal have all the modern tools: from protein cream to mastic and aysing. They are colored in different colors using food colorings. It's worth remembering when ordering a cake for a children's party, for example.

The most commonly used protein cream, soas it is easier to work with and it is relatively inexpensive. Most of the curly cakes (for example, popular in the male half of the cake "Women's Chest") are decorated exactly by him. But to decorate wedding and children's cakes often use mastic or aysing. Such decor gives dots gloss and high cost. In addition, they can be made of various figures, which is very popular with children.

In addition, the cake "The Castle of Love" (Saratov) canbe decorated with chocolate glaze, fruit, caramel and other more familiar decor. And, of course, confectioners can make a phototort by order of the client, using special paper and a printer.

A special case

Castle love cakes

There are two holidays for which the cake is chosentoo much carefully. This is the wedding and the birthday of the child. Understanding this, the confectioners picked up the whole collection for each occasion. So for the wedding, not only classic two and three-tiered cakes are offered, decorated with flowers and honeymoon figures, but also in the form of hearts, with a decor reminiscent of the outfits of the bride and groom. And, of course, you can order any other cake that the client will have to taste.

Confectionery "The Castle of Love" (Saratov)cakes do with special care and love. Using all the tools and materials at hand, masters can scream any child's fantasy into life. It can be a favorite fairy or cartoon character, a car, a Barbie doll and even a pirate ship. If the baby is still too small, then, for example, on his first birthday, adults can try a cake in the form of a single or decorated with booties.

European chic

Castle of love Saratov photo

But the confectionery does not stop at what has been achievedand it keeps pace with the times. Already today you can order not only the classic "Castle of Love". Cakes, made with European design and chic, are not inferior to it in taste and quality. They are decorated with a pattern made of dark and white glaze, and for the decor use physalis, chocolate and flowers from sugar mastic.

In addition, the manufacturer identified them in a separateassortment line - "Shokobella". This is not accidental. After all, they are very different in decor from other, already become familiar, desserts. Although inside it can be all the same cake "The Castle of Love" (Saratov). Photo "Shokobella" can be compared with the best exhibition samples from Europe. But to buy it, you do not need to go far, just call.

What else...

In addition to cakes, the confectionery is pleased tothe order will make classic and original cakes. The most popular of the inexpensive biscuit, Prague, Volga, Bushe and some others. They are familiar to many people from the Soviet past. And the confectioners managed to accurately reproduce the recipes of those years. And the cost per piece will not be more than 30 rubles, which is more than modest.

Love lock Saratov baby cakes

For the holiday you can order more refinedcakes, specially decorated for the occasion. This can be a children's envelope, wedding dresses and other mastic ornaments. The basis can be chosen as well as the cake "The Castle of Love" (Saratov). The cost of festive cakes will be 100 rubles apiece.

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