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The simplest recipes of soups

If you decide to use a simple recipe forcooking this or that dish, this does not mean that you will not have to make an effort. Delicious and simple recipes of dishes greatly simplify the process of cooking, but you still need to stand by the stove, but less time than before. So, let's start with preparing not very complicated, but very tasty dinners and dinners.

Simple recipes of soups: pumpkin pleasure

simple recipes of soups

In the saucepan, heat the butter, cleanonions and garlic, fry them. Remove the rind from the pumpkin and cut the vegetable cubes, send it to a hot pan, stir the mixture periodically. After softening the last ingredient, pour a glass of brandy and wait for it to evaporate. Then add a liter of broth (chicken or vegetable), as well as spices (pepper, sugar and salt). Cook the liquid for 15 minutes and whisk it in a blender with a glass of not very thick cream. When serving, sprinkle with chopped greens and fried pumpkin seeds. You can add a little chili for the sharpness.

Simple recipes of soups: cheese and shrimp - an amazing combination!

delicious and simple recipes
In two liters of boiling water, melt gram 400melted cheese (can be used with additives for a more saturated flavor). Add the diced potatoes and cook for fifteen minutes. In the meantime, grate the carrots a little on the heated frying pan and send it to the liquid. Do not forget about the salt. We add a glass of shrimp and dried herbs only after the tubers are prepared. Be sure to leave the first for infusion under the lid, and then serve still hot with rusks or lavash.

Simple recipes of soups: chicken with noodles

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Boil the water and put a few sticks into it,After 10 minutes, add the spices and the peeled onion. Cook for about half an hour, then take the onions and throw them out, add chopped carrots and potatoes with cubes. We cook for about fifteen minutes, try it for salt, if necessary, adjust the taste. We pour half a cup of vermicelli into the broth and wait for its digestion. For feeding, use greens or a boiled egg, cut into halves.

Simple recipes of soups: buckwheat

Cut the onions and carrots, fry them in oil. In the meantime, put two liters of water with chicken breast on fire, bring it to readiness. To sort out and wash a glass of buckwheat. In the finished broth we send the potatoes with straws and tomatoes (it is better to remove the peel), bring to semi-preparedness and pour in the rump. The field of how everything will be cooked, add fried vegetables and boil the liquid. Serve with greens.

Simple recipes of soups: rassolnik

recipes for simple and delicious soups

Cook broth from chicken thighs (you canuse any other part). Strain the liquid and return it to the fire. Add chopped potatoes and five spoons of pearl barley (it is pre-washed with boiling water). Cook for about half an hour, and in the meantime fry the carrots and onions in a pan and add to the soup. Marinated cucumbers cut into cubes and put out in oil with their own juice. Enter the stewed vegetables at the end of the cooking, let the dish brew and serve with sour cream and greens.


This article told what a delicious culinaryrecipes can be used for cooking everyday dishes. Cooking soups is a special page in the cookbook and an important step for a beginner chef.

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