/ / Chocolate cake: a recipe for cooking delicious goodies

Chocolate cake: a recipe for cooking delicious goodies

Chocolate cake, photo of which will bepresented below, you can also serve up a regular breakfast, and use it as an original and delicious homemade dessert during a festive feast. However, it is recommended to do it in the evening, as this treat should cool down after baking and become softer and tender.

Chocolate cake: recipe for dessert

Required products:

  • wheat flour - 150 g;
  • cocoa powder "Russian" - 2 full st. l .;
  • fresh butter (in no case can not replace it with margarine!) - 120 g;
  • bitter chocolate without additional inclusions (nuts, dried fruits, etc.) - 2 large tiles;
  • baking soda, which in the future will be extinguished by apple cider vinegar - 1/2 small spoon;
  • vanillin - a small sachet;
  • dark sugar - 200 g;
  • eggs large chicken - 3 pcs .;
  • Extra salt - 1 pinch.

recipe chocolate cake

Chocolate cake: recipe for cooking dough

That such a delicacy turned out delicious andair, it is recommended to do it carefully, following all the steps described below. Thus, 150 g of wheat flour should be poured into a bowl, and then add to it two full large spoons of cocoa powder, a bag of vanillin and one pinch of Extra salt. Then all the loose ingredients must be mixed and left aside, taking care of the rest of the products.

Fresh butter is required in advance to getfrom the cold store, so that it could well soften. Then the culinary fat should be put in a deep bowl, breaking there one big tile of dark chocolate. After that, the ingredients are recommended to be installed in a steam bath and held in it until the products melt and form a uniform consistency. Next to the warm mass, you must immediately add the sugar and mix it well.

chocolate pie pie
While the chocolate mass cools, it should be carefullybeat 3 chicken eggs, and then pour them into the oil mixture. To knead the dough, the base also needs to add wheat flour with cocoa powder and vanilla sugar.

Chocolate cake: recipe for cooking

After all the ingredients have beenone dish and mixed in a batter, it needs to be held under the lid for about a quarter of an hour. Further in the basis for the pie, you need to add baking soda, which is desirable to extinguish a small amount of apple bite.

Recipe: chocolate cake baked in the oven

Prepared dough for dessert followscompletely pour into a bowl for baking, and then put in an oven for 50 minutes. The readyness of a biscuit can be determined by sticking a toothpick or a fork into it. If the substrate does not stick to the object, then it can be safely removed from the oven.

Chocolate cake: recipe

Chocolate cake: a recipe for cooking delicious goodies

Correct feed to the table

Ready chocolate cake before serving to the tableit is recommended to water abundantly with a special glaze. To do this, the chocolate bar must be melt in a dish in a water bath with 2 tablespoons of milk and apply the resulting mixture to the surface of the dessert hot.

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