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White mushrooms - pickling in several ways

White salted pickles

At the height of the mushroom picking period,the question of their further processing. I want to turn these gifts of forests and fields into a real culinary delicacy, a wonderful snack and decoration of any table. Here are a few options, how to prepare for the winter white mushrooms. Salting is the best option for this type of mushroom.

Hot way

This is one of the fastest ways. Here's how to pickle the white mullet. Salting hot way is not difficult. It should begin with careful processing of mushrooms. Since they are usually collected in the forest, a lot of garbage comes in: twigs, leaves and earth. All this must be removed and washed with water. Next, remove a thin layer of skins from the hats. After this, it is necessary to soak the mushrooms in water for about 4 hours. During this time, it is necessary to change the water several times.
These mushrooms have some bitterness, and it must go away.

Mushroom white salted

Next, boil the mushrooms for 20 minutes, adding to the watersalt. Then let the broth drain and fill a new portion of warm water. We boil for about 10 minutes. The process of boiling before salting white mushrooms, allows you to speed up salting. Ready mushrooms should settle on the bottom of the pan. Now let them cool down a bit, and at this time we prepare the banks. Next, put the mushrooms in jars, pouring them with salt. We also use chopped garlic, bay leaf, dill, bell pepper and other spices. You can also prepare white mushrooms in a saucepan. Salting has the same formula. Only from above it is necessary to put oppression. After a day, withstood the mushrooms at room temperature, we send them to a cooler place. Another day they can be eaten.

Cold way

How to salt white mushrooms

This is a longer cooking option, but notless productive, because it produces very delicious white mushrooms. Salting is performed using the following products: one kilogram of mushrooms, three large spoons of salt (iodinated), several cloves of garlic, oak leaves, dill umbrellas, several cherry leaves and bell peppers. We begin with the preparation of mushrooms. We sort through them, removing the damaged, wormy and old ones. Remove the debris and rinse them with water. It is better, if all mushrooms are approximately the same size, then they will salivate evenly. Therefore, we cut the large specimens into parts. We take suitable dishes (enameled). The size depends on the number of mushrooms and other ingredients. We put the mushrooms in a bowl and cover them with one handful of large salt. Then pour cold water and soak the mushrooms for about two days. Three times a day you have to change the water, but do not add salt. In this way, we remove the bitterness. When the process of soaking ends, you need to take the dishes for salting and lay the bottom of the leaves with horse radish. Next, put the mushrooms down with their caps in a thin layer. From above place all the spicy leaves, garlic and pepper. So continue layer by layer. Cover the top with clean gauze, put the wooden yoke and load. In this dish, you can add more white mushrooms. Salting lasts 20-30 days. Then mushrooms can be decomposed into clean cans and closed. If there is not enough brine in the process of pickling, a heavier load should be put. The excess brine is drained. If the mushrooms are very salty, then they are soaked before consumption.

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