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Dough for pancakes - a recipe for a nutritious breakfast and a delicious dinner

We bring to your attention a dough for pancakes, a recipewhich is universal - you can use such pancakes as an independent dish, and for filling. Preparation of the test will take a minimum of time, and the result of baking you in any case will not disappoint.

There is no clear restriction - how much in a dough forPancakes with a filling or for "independent" pancakes to put eggs. It is worth trying several times - and you will notice that the more eggs are added, the more dense pancakes are obtained. If you overdo it, the finished product can become even hard, and it will be difficult to fold it with an envelope or a roll. If you do not add eggs at all, the pancakes, of course, do not fall apart and will not crumble, but they will stick more to the pan.

Usually flour is sieved - to saturate with oxygen. It is poured into a dish in a bowl, eggs are beaten separately and poured into a groove in a flour hill. Half the liquid intended for the dough, add to the flour with the egg and mix this thick dough with a whisk, whisking. Do not forget that liquids - whey, milk, yogurt - should be warm. Beater is more convenient to beat with a whisk, than with a spoon, because it is possible to achieve homogeneity - without lumps. The blender and mixer are also great for making dough. Mix well, add the remaining liquid and a little vegetable oil to the dough. As a result, the dough for pancakes, the recipe of which we describe, should get the consistency of liquid sour cream - if you are going to bake classic pancakes, and the consistency of very liquid sour cream - if thin. To add sugar and how much is also a matter of taste, it depends on what you need pancakes for.

The frying pan must be heated. Pour the dough onto it for the first pancake, reduce the heat. Choose the optimal temperature regime. It may be necessary to sometimes add a little oil (despite the fact that it is already added to the dough), before making the first pancake it must be done.

The dough for pancakes, the recipe and simple cooking rules of which are described here, can become the basis for wonderful pancakes if you add more flour and a little slaked soda.

Dough for pancakes with meat is prepared as followsway. Take a deep bowl, pour in milk or whey, eggs, a little sugar and salt. Mix all this and slowly add flour, after sifting it. Thoroughly beat the dough so that there are no lumps. If you have a mixer, then simply add all the ingredients to the container and whip with this appliance. Add a little vegetable oil. On a well-heated frying pan pour the dough, fry pancakes for a long time you do not need, you can even brown them only on one side, and then on this side to superimpose the filling. Pancakes with stuffing roll with an envelope or roll. You can fold the pancake in half 2 times. Then put them again in a frying pan and the white side will brown.

Dough for pancakes, the recipe of which impliesuse of kefir, it is best to dilute with milk or serum, so that they do not stick to the pan and are not too loose. If you want to make something tasty for tea - ready pancakes, while they are hot, grease with butter and sprinkle with sugar. Such products are very tasty with cottage cheese and tea.

If pancakes burn in a skillet, wash and burn salt on it, so that the salt layer completely covers the bottom.

Remember that the dough for pancakes is obtained"Better" - the final product tastes better and when cooking does not burn - if it is after whipping and stirring leave the minutes for 40-50 stand. It will become more elastic, and if you do not have a mixer or a whisk at your fingertips to make the dough homogeneous, you can easily achieve it by stirring the dough with an ordinary spoon.

Recipes are not at all complicated, but your loved ones will definitely enjoy the delicious food!

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