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Cherry: Benefits and Harms of the Inviting Berry

In Japan there is an amazing and amazing tradition- admire the blossoming cherry tree or cherry tree. Such a trepidation towards nature is not found in any country in the world. And after all, wise Japanese did not accidentally choose this tree. Cherry, the benefit and harm of which were known to ancient healers, blossoms one of the first and marks the spring. And what flavor is in such gardens! It is no coincidence that in many countries the branches of a cherry blossom adorn the married couch of newlyweds.

cherry good and bad
But not only because of its beauty and aromais popular cherry. The benefits and harms of berries are also not the main reason for such a wide spread. First of all, of course, this was facilitated by her unpretentiousness in her care. Cherry trees are planted even along the roads, as they easily take root on almost any soil. Therefore, today this berry is not found in the Arctic and Antarctica. More than 130 of its species are growing in different countries of the world.

Of course, no one would grow this tree,if it were not so tasty cherry. The benefits and harm of her became known a little later. Berry has a pleasant sweet and sour taste. It is used to prepare a variety of dishes - from compotes to pies. Dry, freeze, cook jam, syrups and liquors from it. But they eat not only the fruits themselves. On the basis of cherry leaves, curative teas are brewed, and from the solidified resin of the tree they make the basis for many medicines.

Indeed, the benefits of cherries for healthis amazing. This is a real tasty medicine. Its fruits contain a lot of organic acids, vitamins and trace elements. Cherry is very useful for various diseases of blood, vessels and heart. With regular use in food, it reduces the risk of heart attacks, thanks to the iron contained in it and coumarins improves the quality of blood. A handful of these berries can fill the daily requirement of the body in folic acid. So, cherry is simply irreplaceable during pregnancy.

the benefits of cherries for health
But not only the berries themselves have medicinalproperties. In folk medicine, every part of the cherry tree was found: from the stems and leaves to the bark and roots. Thus, tampons from freshly ground cherry leaves are used to treat small abrasions and wounds. Such lotions not only stop blood well, but also disinfect the wound. But the decoction of these leaves is widely used in the treatment of hepatitis (of course, as an auxiliary).

what is the use of cherries
Tinctures and decoctions from the bark of this tree are veryoften recommended for acute poisoning by fish or seafood. In general, it should be noted that removing toxins and toxins from the body is one of the valuable qualities that a cherry has. Benefits and harm for those who want to lose weight, not even comparable. This low-calorie product (52 kcal per 100 g), which contributes to weight loss. There is even a special cherry diet.

Realizing the benefits of cherries, many tryeat it as often as possible. However, it should not be abused by those who suffer from a stomach ulcer. In addition, it can be very dangerous to eat a lot of cherry pits. When decomposed in the human body, they secrete hydrocyanic acid - the strongest poison.

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