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Recipe for risotto: secret in constant stirring

This food only seems complicated incooking and inaccessible to the ordinary cook, showing his talents exclusively at home. In fact, the recipe risotto elementaren - if you spend time on it, exactly follow all the recommendations and follow the advice of experienced chefs.

It is interesting that in Italy - in the homeland of thisfood - risotto is prepared literally in every family, regardless of social status or financial well-being. Moreover, every housewife creates this dish in accordance with their own preferences and tastes, using for this purpose a variety of ingredients. There is a recipe for risotto with seafood, dishes with meat, fish or poultry, risotto with porcini mushrooms or vegetables. These dishes can be prepared on vegetable or meat broths, with rice of varying degrees of availability. In general, to make this delicacy you can use all the tastiest - while you can be sure that the useful properties of none of the products will not be lost. Many chefs note that this Italian dish never goes the same - it is always original and unique, unique.

The most important thing you need for his idealcooking, it is a constant stirring, a quality oil (in Italy it is customary to use cream or olive as opposed to the region) and fresh broth (best chicken). In principle, the broth is the main part, without which the risotto recipe can not exist, so if you do not have a chicken hand at hand - you can take a vegetable, but only with butter, formed after roasting meat. In addition, it should be remembered that rice for cooking can not be washed, otherwise all starch will disappear from it, necessary for the density of food and its unique taste. It is best if rice risotto releases starch during slow boiling, with thorough mixing and for a long time.

When all the preliminary preparation,which consists in cooking a strong broth, will be completed, you can start creating a delicious dish according to the classic Italian recipe. For him, you should take rice (400 grams), onions (1 goal) and garlic (3 teeth), olive and butter (50 ml each), white wine and vermouth (150 ml each). Also, take care of a small amount of Parmesan (80 gr.), Whipped cream (30 ml.) And spices to taste. Using this risotto recipe, it is necessary to preheat the chicken or vegetable broth beforehand, without boiling and stirring regularly. At the same time, in another saucepan, it is necessary to heat olive oil, into which rice is subsequently sent. If the proportions are met correctly, the rice during frying will crack a little, but not burn. A few minutes later, in the same pan you can send half a portion of butter, chopped onion and garlic.

In five minutes, when rice with intensestirring mixes its own flavor with other ingredients, it can be poured with white wine and vermouth and continue to fry until the amount of food is reduced by exactly half. It is very important not to stop mixing the mixture - the more intensive it will be, the higher the quality of the ready risotto. Then rice can be sent to the broth - exactly in such quantity that the dish looks like a thick soup, neither more nor less.

After that, only the pace will be maintainedcooking the risotto on the lowest heat, not letting it boil, but also not allowing the temperature to be too low, otherwise the starch from the rice will not be extracted. In addition, you should not forget about the constant stirring - otherwise the risotto will burn and lose half of its useful and taste qualities.

At the end of cooking - when the rice thickens, inthe dish can be added cream, set aside for a couple of minutes, so that the dish absorbs excess water. Then you can add to the risotto spices and seasonings to taste and send to the table - to amaze your relatives with your culinary talents.

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