/ What is the difference between Pan-Asian cuisine?

What is the difference between Pan-Asian cuisine?

To date, the so-called Pan-Asiancuisine is ranked as a popular destination called fusion. It, in turn, arose in the 70s of the 20th century. According to scientists, this has characterized the beginning of a completely new era in the entire world of cooking. Indeed, in the first half of the 20th century, various kinds of national conflicts, wars and revolutions literally excited the whole world. In this regard, the most ordinary people had no time to think about any culinary delights, to prepare unprecedented dishes. Before all there was only one task - to support their family.

A bit of history

Pan-Asian cuisine
Only in the early 70-ies appeared a kind ofrespite, thanks to which literally all turned their gaze on the delicacies and features of cooking. It was at that time that the Europeans began to discover Asian countries for themselves. Tourists visited Thailand, Japan, China, where they got acquainted not only with the peculiarities of local culture, but also with the "sights" of cooking.

All this led to the fact that gradually recipes migrated to America and the countries of Europe. This is how the popular Pan-Asian cuisine was born today. Below we will talk in more detail about its characteristic features.

Distinctive features

According to experts, Pan-Asian cuisine inFirst of all it differs with its ingredients. It is a question of a wide variety of spices, seasonings and spices. In addition, Pan-Asian cuisine is also interesting because cooks prefer to use a wide variety of oils, including so-called coconut fat. To somehow adapt the proposed recipes, cooks gradually began to modify them, as a result of which began to appear specialties.

Pan-Asian cuisine recipes
In addition to original ingredients, Pan-Asianthe cuisine is different in the manner of cooking. So, cooks use a special frying pan wok. It is somewhat different from the usual dishes by its size and shape. Outwardly more like a huge bowl of original conical shape. When preparing the dish, a large amount of oil is poured into it and continue to create a culinary masterpiece on an open fire. As a result, the dish is not only delicious, but also retains the exceptional characteristics of the original products.

Pan-Asian cuisine. Recipes

Today you can find a large number at firstlook simply unimaginable recipes inherent in the said kitchen. However, we will not go into the jungle, but turn to simple dishes, the recipe of which includes products that are available, if not to all, to many housewives. So, the most popular is pulgok (marinated meat cooked on fire). To make it, you need a small amount of beef tenderloin, vegetables (carrots, green onions), shiitake mushrooms. In fact, this recipe is very simple. All the ingredients must be cut (vegetables are better than obliquely) and leave for 20 minutes in the marinade. The latter consists of soy sauce, Mirin wine, sesame oil, sugar and pear juice. Proportions, however, each cook their own. You can experiment - the taste of the dish will not suffer anyway. Then, on a hot frying pan, the wok must be roasted until a brown crust appears. After that, the fire is reduced and the products are left for some time to sink.

delivery of Pan-Asian cuisine


To date, as already noted above,this culinary tradition enjoys great popularity, including in the territory of our country. Literally everywhere restaurants are opened, even small cafes offer such a service as the delivery of Pan-Asian cuisine. The inhabitants of Russia have already managed to learn the unsurpassed taste and aroma emanating from these dishes. We hope that you will appreciate it as well.

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