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How to cook a canned fish house

Many people are very fond of canned food, and fishoccupy among them one of the first places. They can be purchased at any grocery store or cooked at home on their own. This article is intended for fans of this product. Let's first learn about canned fish, the production of which is common in our country. There are several ways of cooking, and depending on this product can be divided into: natural, in tomato sauce, in butter and pate.

canned fish
Let's briefly review each species:

  • Canned fish, natural. They are made from a valuable species of fish, which are stacked in cans and sterilized. Rarely add some spices. To date, there are 50 different types of this product: in its own juice, with the addition of broth or in jelly.
  • Canned food in tomato sauce. Fish pre-heat treated, then stacked in a jar, pour sauce and close.
  • Canned food in oil. In this way, smoked (sprats), dried (sardines) or fried fish can be closed.
  • Pate. Made exclusively from fish meat with the addition of oil and spices.

All canned fish, including fish, haveA special GOST, which indicates their quality. But if you still doubt the modern production of food products, you can cook canned fish houses. You do not have to spend a lot of money or make great efforts for this. But you will be 100% sure that the cooked food will be delicious and quality.

canned fish production

Recipe "Canned fish in oil"

We need to take fish (anythe one that your husband caught fishing), vegetable oil, spices. As you can see the ingredients are very small, and even buy nothing. The fish must be cleaned, the entrails removed, the head, tail and fins cut off. The next step is to cut it into medium pieces and put it in a bowl or pan. We put spices, not forgetting about salt and pepper, and leave for 1 hour. We take cans, best of all liter, put on the bottom a laurel leaf and sweet pepper. Now we again take the fish and put it tightly. Now take the foil and cover the jars, put in a deep baking tray, which you need to pour in water. Let's now directly understand how to cook canned fish. In a preheated oven to 150 degrees, we place the pan with jars, and as soon as the contents boil, it is necessary to reduce the temperature to 100 degrees.

how to cook canned fish
Now we are waiting for 5 hours. Vegetable oil is heated on fire and poured into cans to cover all the fish. Cover the lids and put them on for another half an hour in the oven. And the last thing left is to roll up, turn over and leave until the banks completely cool down.

And some more useful tips:

  • use any kind of vegetable oil;
  • roll canned fish into cans that have a volume of not more than 1 liter;
  • the covers must be metal only;
  • you can use an oven or a regular pot of water, for cooking.

I think if you take into account all the tips, then you will certainly get very tasty fish cans, which you can eat at any time.

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