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Procurement of pickled vegetables: the winter will be crispy!

Marinated cucumbers and tomatoes
Of all the methods of harvesting vegetables for the winterMarinating is the most popular, because its recipes are very simple and the way of preparation does not take much time. In addition, there are a lot of flavors in this method, which is why every season you can prepare something new.

But every hostess annually harvests vegetables andon proven recipes that have proven themselves well and will always be in demand at a family dinner and festive table. And, it can be not only pickles or tomatoes, but also garlic, beets, physalis and even radish.

Another big plus of pickled vegetables is theircan be stored in a normal apartment without compromising taste and shelf life. Therefore, without having a cool cellar, balcony or garage box, you can easily stock up on twists for the whole winter.

Marinade can be made simple or more spicy, adding various spices and herbs.

Aromatic Pickled Cucumbers

For billet it is better to use liter cans, pre-sterilized. For marinade you will need:

  • dill umbrellas - 2 pieces;
  • garlic - 2 slices;
  • leaves of black currant - 3 pieces;
  • cherry leaves - 2 pieces;
  • the stalk of horseradish is a small piece;
  • salt - 2 tablespoons;
  • sugar - 1 tablespoon;
  • vinegar - 4 tablespoons;
  • water (boiling water).


  1. In the jar on the bottom lay a sprig of dill, a leaf of currant and cherry.
  2. Slice a clove of garlic and horseradish, put into a jar.
  3. Over tightly lay out cucumbers, leaving as little free space as possible.
  4. Cover the cucumbers with the remaining leaves and spices.
  5. Boil the water and fill it with cucumbers, allow the jar to cool completely and drain the water back into the pan.
  6. Add sugar and salt to the water, wait for the boil and pour in the vinegar.
  7. Remove the marinade from the fire and pour it into the jar.
  8. Tightly roll up with lids and place under the table with bottoms up, covered with a jacket or a sweatshirt.

If desired, a small piece of chili pepper can be added to the jar, and a few peppercorns or a bay leaf can be added to the marinade.

Tomatoes pickled tomatoes

To prepare tomatoes you can use the same recipe, but you should take into account some of the nuances:

  • so that the thin peel of tomatoes does not crack, marinade should be made less salty, reducing the amount of salt by a quarter;
  • lovers of green or brown tomatoes should be poured with boiling water at least twice, because their structure is more dense, so they warm up more slowly.

Those who like pickled vegetables are more sentimental, it is worth to increase the amount of sugar and reduce the amount of salt.

Important! During the harvesting it is necessary to pour battered vegetables with boiling water, and then drain it. This eliminates the cloudiness of the marinade and the bursting of the can.

If you do not have enough time to do the blanks yourself, there is a faster way to please yourself and your loved ones: buy pickled vegetables on this site. All production is done according to home recipes, vegetables are used from ecologically clean regions of Russia and the Near Abroad.

Alina Vereshchagina, technologist at the production of pickled products LLC "Echo", TM Beloruchka

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