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Jam from apricots "Royal": recipe, cooking secrets

At first glance, prepare jam from apricots"Royal" with bones is not difficult. But use this piece for filling the pie, you see, it's not very convenient. Inventive housewives interestingly modified the old recipe and began to brew this jam with apricot kernels. It turned out really interesting and unusually tasty.

What is useful for human health apricot?

jam from apricots royal
The above fruit is not only beautifuland a pleasant, warm appearance, but also a great benefit for the human body. Bright orange fruits of the apricot contain an extremely large amount of provitamin A - carotene, which is necessary for healthy eyesight. Also with the help of the above substance, normal hair growth and color of the skin are provided.

It should be noted that jam from apricots is well absorbed with fats, so a great breakfast will be a toast, smeared with butter, and a few spoons of this delicious treat.

In addition, in the structure of apricot specialistsfound a large amount of potassium. This microelement is responsible for the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system, it has a beneficial effect on the heart.

Apricots also contain phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, iron. This is an excellent option for baby food.

Benefits of apricot stones

apricot jam with bones royal recipe
Bones for their medicinal properties are not inferior to this fruit. Even, one might say, on the contrary, in some cases they are more useful.

Properties of apricot kernels:

  • contain vitamin B17, which is an opponent of cancer;
  • an excellent anthelmintic;
  • beneficial effect on the skin of a person, providing him with a rejuvenating effect;
  • give the skin a pleasant fresh shade.

Chinese doctors went even further: they use the nucleus of apricots for the manufacture of a medicine against respiratory diseases.

Doctors recommend eating apricot kernels raw,but you can not abuse them. But the housewives came up with another way to use this natural remedy: put them in jam from apricots. Royal apricots for cooking this sweets are best suited. They are soft, but they are quite elastic.

Jam from apricots "Royal": a short description of the workpiece

apricot jam
This delicacy requires the hostess to spenda lot of time and effort, because it is prepared in three stages. Every 10-12 hours, apricots filled with sugar syrup, you need to bring to a boil. Then the jam should cool down and insist for half a day.

Ready-made jam from apricots "Royal" has the following features:

  • translucent fruits;
  • thick viscous syrup;
  • pleasant aroma;
  • There is a light shade of bitter almonds in taste.

The recipe for cooking apricot jam in a royal way

jam from apricots gourmet or royal
Necessary ingredients:

  • fruits of apricots - about 4 kg;
  • sugar - 3 kg is recommended, but it is possible and more - depending on taste;
  • pinch of citric acid.

Cooking process

  1. Wash fruits thoroughly.
  2. With a thin stick or pencil pushedbone (the device is placed in the recess where the tail was, and gently squeezed out in a circular motion). This method allows you to preserve the integrity of the apricot, then in the end you will get really apricot jam in a royal way.
  3. Bones should be gently broken with a hammer and take out the nucleoli.
  4. The nucleus is inserted into the apricot hole.
  5. Prepare hot sugar syrup. All the apricots are put in a saucepan and pour the above liquid.
  6. When the contents of the pan start boiling, remove the foam andturn off the fire. Jam from apricots "Royal" should be infused for a minimum of 10 hours. Then repeat the above procedure two more times. The interval between cookies should be at least 12 hours.
  7. A hot treat should be poured over cans, which must first be sterilized.

That's it - not quite easy - the present is being preparedapricot jam with seeds. "Royal" recipe requires the owners not only the necessary ingredients, but also patience and effort, but the taste of this delicacy justifies them all 100%.

Jam from apricots "Gourmet", or "Royal": the secrets of cooking

Each housewife, who cooks the above mentioned delicacy every year, has its cunning, allowing to get really "royal" dessert from apricots.

Useful tips for cooking apricot jam:

  • If the bones of these fruits are bitter in taste, they can be safely replaced with other ingredients, for example, almonds or walnuts;
  • in no case can you mix jam from apricots "Royal" during cooking (after all, it can damage the fruit and spoil the appearance of the delicacy);
  • jam is ready when fruit gets a translucent appearance, and the syrup becomes thick enough;
  • The most suitable container for this delicacy are glass jars.

Some recommendations for harvesting "royal" jam for the winter

jam from apricots royal apricots
In the process of preparing this delicacy for a long period of storage, special attention should be paid to the sterilization of cans. It is carried out by the following methods:

  • for half an hour to warm the jars in the oven at a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius;
  • sterilization of cans with steam - for a quarter of an hour keep the container above boiling water.

Jam from apricots "Royal" with bones is recommended to use within a year. The fact is that the nucleoli can in time release hazardous substances.

Jam from apricots "Royal" - a delicacy not only unusually tasty, but also useful. Its elegant appearance and pleasant aroma will win the heart of not just one gourmet.

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