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Salad dressing: recipes and tips

The history of cooking salads and dressings for themhas more than one millennium. In ancient China, salads were filled with soy sauce, in ancient Rome and Babylon, fresh vegetables were poured with oil and vinegar. Much later, there was mayonnaise - it began to use the French aristocracy about two hundred years ago.

Modern sauces differ little from saucesthose times. Until now, they use ancient recipes to give the dishes a special taste and aroma. After a salad without refueling - and not a salad at all. All sauces are conditionally divided into two types. The first - refueling for salads is prepared on the basis of vegetable oil and vinegar with the addition of various spices. This option is suitable primarily for salads from fresh or boiled vegetables. By the second kind are dense dressings - it's mayonnaise, sour cream, cream-based mixtures, yogurt, buttermilk, and they fill salads from boiled vegetables, meat and fish.

For preparation of sauce of the first type it is possible to takeany vegetable oil: sunflower, olive and other. The oil is mixed with vinegar, whipping with a broom or shaking in a sealed container, add the spices and immediately fill the salad, since after a few minutes the oil and vinegar begin to separate. Here you need to take into account that the taste depends largely on the choice of vinegar. Table vinegar gives a lot of acid, so more vegetable oil is needed. To dress for salads turned out softer and tender, use wine vinegar. Fruit notes and light sourness will give apple cider vinegar. Use and such rare types of vinegar, like balsamic and sherry. Undoubtedly, their taste is superior to the rest, but the price is appropriate, so they are available for expensive delicious dishes.

The simplest example of a liquid sauce is dressingfor vinaigrette. By tradition, this primordial Russian dish is seasoned with vegetable oil, but why not use other options that will make the taste and aroma of the salad brighter. Just note that mayonnaise, and sometimes they are seasoned with vinaigrette, for this does not fit perfectly, because it muffles the whole taste composition.

The recipe for vinaigrette sauce, which is also used as a salad dressing with fresh vegetables

In a small amount of boiled warm waterdissolve a piece of sugar, chill, add ground pepper (you can take a mixture of peppers), mustard and salt to taste. With constant stirring, pour in the vegetable oil, add 3% table vinegar. The ratio of oil and vinegar is 1: 1. Dressing water the salad so that it is completely absorbed into the vegetables.

Dense dressing for salads is prepared in advance,at least a few hours before serving the meal on the table, and it is best to keep it for 24 hours. The choice of products here is much greater. The basis - mayonnaise, sour cream, cream, yogurt - add crushed roasted roots, cheese, eggs, small pieces of meat and fish. Especially popular is the famous Caesar salad dressing. It is suitable not only for the eponymous dish, but for many others.

One cup of mayonnaise is taken shreddedgarlic clove, one spoonful of Worcestershire sauce (sold in the store), half a glass of grated Parmesan cheese, a tablespoon of lemon juice, a tablespoon of milk, black pepper, salt. All ingredients are mixed with a broom or in a mixer until uniform.

Do not do without sauce and favorite pasta. Just like for salads, filling for pasta is an important part of the dish. Many people just pour the pasta with tomato sauce. But it's better not to be too lazy and for the time that pasta is cooked, to prepare a homemade refueling.

Sauce Amatriaciane - classic sauce in Italian cuisine

For cooking, you need: 250 g of pecorino cheese, 150 g of pancetta (bacon), one onion, one chili pepper (red), 4 tablespoons of olive oil, a bunch of parsley.

Finely chop the bacon, chop the pepper, the onionand parsley, cheese grate on a fine grater. In the pan, brown the pepper and bacon and transfer to another bowl. In the same frying pan fry the onions, then combine and season hot pasta, sprinkle with cheese and parsley. All mix well and serve in a large plate.

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