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Cold way of pickling tomatoes - old traditions

Cold way of pickling tomatoes
Despite the fact that the society continues to moveforward, and the world of technology and new technologies is constantly being improved, the traditions of domestic conservation have not yet outlived themselves. Of course, you can buy ready-made products in the store, but cooked with their own hands seem particularly tasty. The cold way of pickling tomatoes is old, good recipes for the preparation of this vegetable. Many people think that only large batches of tomatoes in barrels are so salted. But you can use simple glass jars.

Solim green tomatoes

The vegetables cooked in this way are obtainedspicy and pointed. Especially they will be liked by those who remember the taste of pickles from barrels. Picking green tomatoes in a cold way requires preparation for this product such as fresh green dill, parsley, basil, pepper, garlic and horseradish. In the bank we put green tomatoes, and between them we place spices and herbs. All poured cold brine. To make it, you need salt and sugar. Depending on the amount of brine required, we take one large spoonful of these ingredients per liter of water. Then pour this mixture of jars and roll up the lids. About 2 days we keep tomatoes in the heat. When the brine becomes turbid, we place them in a colder place. The cold way of pickling tomatoes requires more time than hot. Usually this dish can be sampled only after 30-40 days.

Pickling green tomatoes in a cold way
Like a barrel

Recipes for pickling tomatoes cold wayrequire special ingredients. Everything is only the most traditional, that every landlady has. First, we select the fruit. They should be of medium size and not overripe. For this recipe, you will also need the horseradish root, currant leaves, hot pepper, garlic, dill and salt. Tomatoes are thoroughly washed, greens are cut, and the root of horseradish is three on a grater. Garlic and pepper are cleaned and cut into parts (of an arbitrary size). The amount of spices and spices can be adjusted at your discretion. Love more piquant and pungent taste - put more. Banks are pre-mine and sterilized. Now put on the bottom of each of them a few spices, pepper and garlic, grated horseradish, and then lay the tomatoes. These layers can be alternated.

We prepare the pickle. For one liter of water, put 1 spoonful of salt. Brine should be boiled and then cooled. After that, we pour it into the jars. Leave the tomatoes in the room for two days, without rolling the lids. If necessary, in the process of fermentation, top up the brine. Then we close the jars with lids and put them in a cool place. The cold way of pickling tomatoes requires 30 days of salting out for their full readiness.

Recipes for pickling tomatoes cold way
Fast and tasty

This recipe is very fast. Take the medium, dense tomatoes and cut out the peduncle, making a small groove. Peel the garlic and chop it finely. A little garlic is combined with salt. You will also need any greens (at least two types). It also needs to be finely chopped and mixed with garlic. Now in the deepening of each tomato we lay garlic and salt. In the container for pickling, we put a layer of greens with garlic and salt. We put tomatoes on this "pillow". So repeat the layer by layer. We put pressure on the top and leave it in the room. It's a cold way of pickling tomatoes fast - just 12 hours.

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