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Cooking a delicious juices with cottage cheese

Cheese with cottage cheese, cooked in homemadeconditions, it turns out much softer and tastier than the product that is sold in stores. It is worth noting that such a sweet dessert is especially popular with children. It can be given to the child in school for a hearty snack. If you follow all the following rules for cooking, you will surely get gentle and literally melting in your mouth, mop with cottage cheese. The technological map of this dessert includes the following sections: the necessary ingredients, the process of kneading the dough and filling, shaping, heat treatment and proper feeding. On the same points, the way to create a sweet product will be described in detail.

How to make a juice with cottage cheese?

Cheese with cottage cheese

Necessary ingredients:

  • Vanilla sugar - only 2 sachets (1 for dough, 1 for filling);
  • Wheat flour only of the highest grade - 350 g (6 large spoons in the filling, and the rest - in the basis);
  • soda food (you can extinguish) - 1 small spoon;
  • egg chicken average - only 2 pcs. (1 per dough, 1 per filling);
  • cottage cheese, non-acidic - 250 g (for filling - 180 g, for dough - 70 g);
  • butter fresh - 190 g;
  • sour cream thick 30% - 8 large spoons (designed for filling);
  • granulated sugar - 260 g (for filling - 160 g, for the test - 100 g).

The process of mixing the dough

Combine with cottage cheese without sour cream

Before forming a juice with cottage cheese,You should carefully mix a soft base. To do this, a chicken egg, heavily melted butter, rustic cottage cheese, baking soda, vanillin and granulated sugar must be combined in a bowl. Stir the ingredients until the friable sweet product has completely melted. After this, the base must be poured in wheat flour and immediately kneaded with a soft, plastic and delicate dough.

Process of filling

Combine with cottage cheese without sour cream is not verysoft and gentle. So we decided to add this dairy product to the filling. For its creation, it is required to mix the following ingredients in one bowl: coarse-grained non-acid curd, egg, vanillin, granulated sugar, wheat flour and sour cream. Products should be stirred with a spoon until a uniform thick mass is formed.

The formation process

Combine with the cottage cheese technological map

After the dough and filling areprepared, should proceed to molding juicy. Thus, from the stem, it is necessary to pinch a piece, roll out of it an oval up to 14 and a width of up to 8 centimeters. One half of the layer requires placing the curd filling in the amount of a large spoon, and then cover with the second part and crush the edges.

Heat treatment

When all the semi-finished products are ready, they should begently place on a sheet and put in the oven for 30-37 minutes. After the specified time, dessert should be padded with a spatula and put on a dish or a large plate.

Correct feed to the table

Cottage cheese can be presented to family membersboth hot and cold. Also, it is recommended to serve cocoa, tea or coffee to the dessert itself. Especially delicious and soft juices become the next day after cooking (if they are kept in a bag).

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