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Basis of the basics of French cuisine - Dutch sauce

Although many people have not heard about the Dutch sauce, butit is the basis of many pastes and seasonings. In appearance, the seasoning is very similar to butter, however, it has a completely unusual and rather delicate taste.

This sauce is prepared usingthe obligatory order of egg yolk. Its color should be pale-lemon, opaque, but with a greasy sheen. It resembles a creamy paste with a smooth texture and has the aroma of a good butter. To make a real Dutch sauce, you need to know all the subtleties and secrets of cooking. It is usually served with fish, asparagus or eggs Benedict. It is also the basis for a number of other sauces, such as olive and mustard, as well as mikado sauce. There are several eminent chefs who claim that Dutch sauce is an excellent addition to vegetable salads.

To the Dutch sauce the direct relationhas a French sauce. As early as the 17th century, there were written references to sauce, which, according to the recipe, is very similar to Dutch. After the town in Normandy Isigny-sur-Mer became known for its own production of butter, the sauce became known as "Sauce Isigny". When in the Second World War, butter in France became scarce, it was imported from Holland. Therefore the name of the gravy was changed to "Dutch sauce", which indicated the supplier of butter, and did not change afterwards. The famous culinary expert Francois Pierre de la Waren (1618-1678) in his culinary book Le cuisine françois (Truth of French cuisine) described in detail the Dutch sauce, the recipe of which was cited in the same place.

The way it is cooked sometimes causes controversy. The well-known culinary expert Anthony Burden claims that from the first time he will not get a single person. And another famous chef - Delia Smith - recommends mixing all the ingredients in turn with a blender. The advantage of this method is that the sauce can be made in advance and stored in a refrigerator, and before serving, only warm in a saucepan with warm water.

A simple method of cooking sauce cook MarcoPierre White consists in the simultaneous mixing of the ingredients, followed by heating the mass to room temperature. Many cooks argue that the presence of water in the original recipe makes the sauce softer. But all culinary specialists, without exception, agree that the key to success in preparing the sauce is the suitable temperature of heating the yolks and the necessary mass density. During the preparation, the sauce should be stirred constantly. As the famous chefs say, if you get a Dutch sauce, you can be considered a hero. By the way, the use of aluminum cookware during its preparation will lead to a green shade of the mass due to the passage of chemical reactions. A superheated sauce can lead to clotting.

What ingredients are needed to cookDutch sauce? Not so much. Half a cup of butter, four egg yolks, half a lemon juice, a pinch of salt and as much white pepper. The most important in the preparation of the sauce is the mixing of all components. First you need to put the yolks in a deep bowl, add salt and pepper and beaten with a mixer. Gradually, they are introduced melted butter. Beat until the yolks are combined with the oil and become a homogeneous mixture. It is worth noting that the Dutch sauce in the end for consistence should look like mayonnaise. In any case, the color for sure. At the end of the cooking, you need to add lemon juice to give the sauce a special flavor.

Dutch sauce can be seasoned with one of thethe following components - tarragon, chili, shallots, anchovies. It can be served separately in a small dish or portioned on the edge of a plate, and you can also pour a ready-made dish. In any case, you need to remember that this sauce can be used only for certain dishes, in order to emphasize their taste and aroma.

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