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How to decorate a cake, simple ways

Throughout the world, decorating dishes is given the samegreat importance, as well as its preparation. It is enough to see at least once how to decorate food in restaurants - leaves of greenery, flowers from vegetables, sauce, poured on a plate with a bizarre pattern. Of course, not every housewife can compete in this art with professionals who are engaged in high cuisine, but, nevertheless, decorate any festive treats worthily.

How to decorate a cake? The simplest option is fruits and berries. It is not necessary to choose apples, bananas and other similar fruits that darken in the air after a quarter of an hour. But mandarin slices, grapes, cherries can quite come up. Before decorating the cake, fruits are usually removed from the fruit, large fruits are cut into slices or divided into several parts.

Very good for this purpose are suitable berries - alltypes of currants, strawberries, blackberries raspberries. It is best to take ripe, fresh, not frozen fruits. Of these, you can form a variety of drawings on the surface of the cake. Small berries you can put figurines of animals, or arrange them in a circle, alternating colors. You can place the berries in the center darker, and on the edges - more light - in general, everything that prompts you fantasy.

If there is no season for fresh fruits and berries, you can decorate the cake with confectionery powder, sugar powder or coconut chips, which is sold at any grocery store.

If an important holiday is to be held - a wedding, a birthday or a New Year, some fruits can not be dispensed with. In this case, you can use the adornment of protein cream, chocolate or glaze.

Before you decorate a wedding cake, you shoulddetermine its design. Some people like massive, multilayered compositions decorated with dozens of roses, and someone is delighted with the fine elegant painting. For the latter, a protein glaze recipe is suitable: mix one egg egg, a glass of powdered sugar and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Razirayut that the mass became homogeneous, and fill it with a pastry syringe, pre-installed on it nozzle with a small hole. Now you can start the process of decorating. Or apply the glaze directly to the surface of the cake, drawing on it ornate twigs, leaves, butterflies, or use a stencil.

On a piece of paper, paint grass, butterflies andThe original ornament is in ordinary pencil, and then sugar glaze is applied along its trail. They let her cool down, after which the figures are carefully separated from the paper. It is better not to make large and complex flowers and twigs without experiment - they are easy to break. The resulting figures can be placed horizontally on the surface, but you can stick it on top of the cake itself.

A similar operation can be done with dark and light chocolate - first melt, then pour into a syringe and, until the sweet mass is frozen, apply a pattern to the cake or stencil.

With the help of sugar protein glaze you can get only a thin and elegant pattern. It is better to create bulk flowers with whipped cream or butter cream.

How to decorate a cake with cream? Take the can and apply this mass to the surface of the cake, decorate the gaps with strawberry slices or pieces of kiwi.

Before you decorate a cake for a holiday, you needto prepare an oil cream. Half-cups of butter mixed with half a glass of sugar, ½ can of condensed milk, yolk and a teaspoon of cognac. Ingredients are mixed and whipped, filled with a confectionery syringe and decorated with cake through a figured nozzle. By the way, this cream can be applied to the surface before decorating the cake with fruits.

How to decorate a children's cake? Take a colorful caramel, fruit, a bright confectionery powder, nuts - in general, anything that comes to hand. The brighter and more fun the cake will be - the better!

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