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"Japan Mama" (Yekaterinburg) - a network of cafes, menus, reviews

Just a few years ago in Yekaterinburg, the café "Japan Mama" opened. It was the first swallow of the network. To date, the network includes six institutions "Japan Mama", "Japan Pub" and "Mama Asia".

Restaurant in Uralmash

Now this is a large network of cafes in Yekaterinburg. And it is popular with residents of the city. The very first appeared "Japan Mama" (Ekaterinburg) in the Uralmash region.

"Japan Mama" (Yekaterinburg)

And only after opening, this institution immediatelyhas gained popularity among the inhabitants of the city. First of all, due to the fact that they were practically the first to start shipping sushi and rolls to the house and office. And the main advantage was free, regardless of the cost of the order, food delivery.

In the cafe "Japan Mama" (Yekaterinburg) in Uralmashthere were only two halls: Russian and Japanese cuisines. However, after a while the hall of Russian cuisine was closed and made from it "Japan Pub" - a Japanese bar. True, the menu is not much affected.


Interior of the cafe "Japan Mama" (Yekaterinburg)many because of the name is associated with the themes of the East. But it is executed, more likely in style "Techno". There is a clear division of the halls into separate zones with the help of translucent fabric curtains, clear lines of the interior, strict furniture made mostly of wood and steel, black and white photographs on the walls. All this makes the cafe "Japan Mama" (Yekaterinburg) unique.

The color scheme in which the interior is made is predominantly light beige and dark chocolate. Small in capacity, but cozy halls give the café of Yekaterinburg a special charm.

Benefits of the establishment:

  • Japanese, Russian, Italian, European and Caucasian cuisines;
  • food delivery home or office;
  • business lunches at convenient time;
  • separate smoking area;
  • possibility of preliminary table reservation;
  • summer terrace or balcony;
  • pleasant background music;
  • bonuses and promotions.

The restaurant "Japan Mama". Menu

The main kitchen of the whole network is Japanese. It is presented mainly in rolls and sushi, for convenience combined into sets, which are ideally designed for both large and small companies.

Fans of traditional flavors have the opportunity to choose dishes of European, Italian, Russian or Caucasian cuisines.

"Japan Mama": the menu

And now we will consider in more detail the menu of the restaurant on the example of a bar-café-restaurant on the street. Radishcheva, 10:

  • a huge selection of sets, different in composition and weight - from 380 grams to 2165;
  • ordinary and hot rolls;
  • Philadelphia;
  • sushi and gunkana;
  • hot dishes of meat, fish and vegetables with a variety of side dishes;
  • dishes cooked on the grill;
  • large selection of soups;
  • a variety of salads, snacks and assorted;
  • pizza and pasta;
  • Dessert;
  • a very wide range of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages:
    • non-alcoholic and alcoholic cocktails;
    • strong alcohol;
    • a variety of wines;
    • several varieties of bottled and draft beer;
    • soft drinks;
    • juices;
    • Tea coffee.

Addresses of all establishments in Yekaterinburg through the streets:

  • Radishchev, 10.
  • 22 of the Partisan Congress, 2a.
  • Technical, 32.
  • Amundsen, 63.
  • Mira, 23.
  • Rodonitova, 18b.

Network schedule and time

From Monday to Thursday, the institution is open from eleven o'clock in the morning to midnight. On weekends, you can look at the light from eleven o'clock in the morning and until two in the morning.

If you want to order pizza or rolls at home, make an order by phone and tell the dispatcher the name of the dish you chose from the menu (see the menu on the institution's website).

You can make an order anytime from eleven in the morning to midnight from Sunday to Thursday and from 11 am to 2 am on Friday and Saturday.

The smallest visitors will also likecafes, here they can actively, fun and carefree spend time in the playing corners (play, paint, chat with peers), they have prepared a special menu for "Japan Mama" menu, and every Sunday there are free children's holidays. And these are funny animators, fascinating games and aqua-grime.

Cafe of Ekaterinburg

However, unfortunately, the holidays are not held in all cafes of the city. Their animators very often spend in "Japan Mama". Address: Amundsen street, house number 63 and in all other institutions of the network.

"Japan Mama", "Japan Pub" and "Mama Asia"

Now we will consider each cafe separately. Let's start with the address at ul. Mira, 23 (Kirov district of the city). There are three representatives of this network: the café "Japan Mama", the bar "Japan Pub" and "Mama Asia".

The nearest stop is the "Professor's" stop. You can reach the place by public transport. We need to use the trolleybuses №4, 14, 15, 27, 36, 60, 61 - buses, №8, 13, 15, 23, 32 - trams, №6, 7, 18, 19 and №04, 022, 033, 034, 040, 054, 056, 059, 067, 070, 077, 082 - minibuses.

Everyone is offered Japanese, European and Russian cuisine. The average check in the cafe will be about 800-900 rubles. In a hall with a capacity of up to 200 people there are three zones: smoking, non-smoking and VIP-zone.

There is a possibility in full or in partclose the hall for your event, it will be a wedding, a banquet or a birthday - it does not matter! Also in this cafe you can order a business lunch from Monday to Friday from eleven o'clock in the morning to four days. The cost of a business lunch is from 200 to 350 rubles.

Radischeva, 10

If you are too lazy to leave the house or from the office inlunch break, then you can make a meal order with delivery to your home or office. Orders are accepted daily. If the order amount exceeds 600 rubles, then the delivery will be completely free. The peculiarity of this cafe is that it broadcasts sports events, and DJs perform every evening.

Cafe in the center

This is "Japan Mama" along Radishcheva street, 10 (Leninskydistrict, microdistrict Center). Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday from 11 to 2 nights and Friday-Saturday from 11 to 6 am. The nearest stop is Radishcheva. Next to the cafe there is a public transport stop: №1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 21, 27, 32 - trams and №011, 012, 018, 024 - minibuses.

The cafe offers European, Russian and Japanese cuisine. The average check here will be about 600-700 rubles.

The hall for up to 80 people is divided into zonesfor smokers and non-smokers. Here you can have lunch (business lunch) from Monday to Friday (11.00-17.00). You can also place an order in the office. Orders are accepted daily from 12 days to one in the morning. If the order amount exceeds 600 rubles, the delivery will be completely free of charge, and if the order is more than 1000 rubles, the customer receives a pleasant gift from the cafe administration.

Features of this cafe are discountprogram for regular customers, there are constantly held various events and every Friday and Saturday here is a regular guest of the institution DJ Ilya-whisper!

Cafe in the Botanica district

Street Rodonitovaya, 18 (b) (the district of Chkalovsky,Botanica microdistrict). There is a cafe "Japan Mama" and a bar "Japan Pub". The average check in the cafe (if with alcohol) - from 800 rubles and from 500 rubles without alcohol. They work daily from eleven in the morning until two in the morning.

"Japan Mama" (restaurant)
The nearest public transport station -"Boulevard Malakhov (street Rodonitovaya)" Bus numbers 2, 38, 57 stop, buses No. 15, 20 and bus numbers 011, 030, 035, 042. The capacity of the room is 100-120 people. Smoking and non-smoking rooms. Features of the cafe: children's room and the possibility to order a hookah.

Restaurant in the microdistrict Sorting

Cafe at street Technical, house number 32is located in Zheleznodorozhny district (district Sort). You can get to the cafe by bus № 6 and 13, by tram number 7, 10, 13, 24 or by shuttle bus № 06, 08, 014, 021, 024, 035, 082, 083 to the stop "Technical".

There is a café on the following schedule: from Sunday to Thursday from twelve to two o'clock in the morning, and on Fridays and Saturdays from twelve days to two nights. The average check is from 800 rubles. In the cafe there is an opportunity to hold corporate events, banquets and other events.

Restaurant in Ordzhonikidzevsky district

The café and bar of "Japan Mama" is also inOrdzhonikidzevsky district (Uralmash microdistrict) along 22 Parish Congress, 2 (a). The nearest public transport stop is Mashinostroiteli (22 Parts of the Congress). Here, unlike the other establishments of "Japan Mama", the restaurant also offers Italian, in addition to Japanese, Russian and European cuisines.

The average check of the cafe is about 600-800rubles. 2 rooms for smokers and non-smokers with a total capacity of up to 100 people. A distinctive feature of the cafe, except for Italian cuisine, is the availability of three varieties of brand beer and the continued operation of special offers.

Cafe in the South-Western district

And another representative office of the network is open at the address: Amundsen street, house number 63. The newest branch is located in the Leninsky district, in the micro district South-West.

The running time is the same as the average over the network. No special features of the cafe are not so different - it's just a nice, cozy and pleasant place where you can come to a romantic couple, a fun company or a family with children and have a great evening.

Over the years of existence in Yekaterinburg, a cafevery many residents of this city visited. Especially popular is the delivery of food at home, so you can easily find a lot of feedback from customers. Responses, as everywhere and on everything, are very different. From enthusiastically positive to aggressively negative. But it's easy to understand - it's impossible to like everyone, unfortunately.

"Japan Mama": address

In times of easy access to informationmany of us, before discovering a new cafe, bar or restaurant, are studying feedback on this place on the Internet. About the network of cafes "Japan Mama" reviews leave very many. Usually visitors really like the cuisine of the establishment, as well as service and maintenance.

Also, the location of the institution is of great importance, and many visitors mark it as a plus of the "Japan Mama" network.

In Yekaterinburg, the network includes several cafes,bars and restaurants, which means that they are located in different parts of the city, and for most clients, proximity to the home or office is very important.

Many come here at lunchtime onbusiness lunch. But, unfortunately, not all reviews are "sweet" -positive. There are also negative, and there are many of them. Discontents are usually, again, maintenance, lack of a smile on the face and courtesy of the waiters. Also, quite often in the reviews slips discontent about the delay in the delivery of orders for the house.

Many visitors notice that all employeescafes in the face of leadership, administration, cooks and waiters are striving for an ideal. The motto of the network of family cafes-restaurants is: "Democratically, reliably, very cozy and insanely delicious!".

The network team is people who are keen on their business. All of them are smiling, attentive and highly professional. Thanks to these qualities of employees, the cafe is constantly evolving, making the rest of the visitors memorable and comfortable. The client for employees of a network of cafe-restaurants is the most important thing! Therefore, they always follow to ensure that guests receive courteous, timely service with an individual approach. For this purpose a special friendly atmosphere is created in all cafes, bars and restaurants of the network.


In the network of cafes are constantly held actions,discounts are given to regular customers, including on solemn events, as well as regularly held themed parties and master classes, which are invited for performances by musical groups and artists of original genres. All this is done by employees of cafes-restaurants, so that the rest of your favorite customers is truly memorable and bright.

"Japan Mama": reviews

Network of cafe-bars "Japan Mama" (Yekaterinburg)will be a good choice not only for a family holiday, a romantic date, but also for business negotiations (there is a free Wi-Fi zone). Restaurants like everyone!

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