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Wine Yeast: where to buy, how to use, reviews

Wine can be attributed to the most popular andcommon alcoholic beverages. Preparing it is practiced on almost all continents. Every winemaker knows that the taste and strength of wine largely depends on the quality of the used yeast.


Wine yeast for wine is a massfrom berries, mixed with sugar and fermented for several days. In this case, alcohol is allocated, which will be responsible for the strength of the final product. To get high quality wine, it is necessary to use wine yeast of strong, elite crops. When making an alcoholic beverage with an alcohol content of up to 18 degrees, it is these materials that are used.

wine yeast where to buy
The production of so-called wild yeast is a processlight, but as a result, the amount of alcohols in the product obtained will not exceed 14 degrees. In this case, not only the berries of grapes, but also gooseberries, currants, raspberries, strawberries and others can serve as the starting material.

If the season of berries has already passed, but necessaryprepare a drink, yeast can use the remains of materials from the process of making wine in the early period of the same year. Beginner winemakers often make the mistake of using beer or any other yeast to make wine, this is a mistake and as a result, the quality of the finished product will be low.

Main types and characteristics

In special shops you can buy wineyeast, where you can also buy equipment and containers for wine. There are several types of material for making different types of drinks.

wine yeast from raisins
Yeasts also vary in species, and forpreparation of elite wines of different brands there are certain types of ingredients. Each type of wine needs its own process of fermentation, duration and temperature. There are more than 30 types of yeast that can be found in wort, the surface film of the souring product, in the liquid itself, and so on.

Depending on the film that is formed inthe process of wine making, professionals determine the quality and duration of the product. This is due to the fact that during the fermentation cells are formed, the rate of reproduction of which depends on the temperature and quality of the feedstock.

Cooking from raisins

For wine lovers and preparing alcoholic beveragesyou yourself need to constantly have homemade wine yeast. Where to buy such an ingredient that it was of the quality that is required? In order not to ask this question all the time, you can learn how to prepare such yeast at home.


wine yeast for wine
Usually, the material for fermentation is prepared from freshgrapes. It is also possible to prepare wine yeast from raisins, it is necessary to take 2 good handfuls. You will also need half a cup of sugar and about 2 glasses of water.

Raisins do not fit any, you need to choosequality, to get good wine yeast. Where to buy and how to determine the quality ingredient? Raisins should be well dried, firm, painted in a bluish-violet tone, matte, and the presence of tails is also welcomed.

Cooking method

Half the necessary water is heated and dissolved inher sugar until it completely disappears. A cold liquid is poured into the prepared solution to such an extent that the syrup becomes warm. The dishes should be taken glass, it is well washed and doused with boiling water. A bottle with a large neck is good.

Raisins can not be washed and cleaned, since allnecessary for the process of bacteria. Cover it in a glass container and pour in a warm water-sugar solution. The bottle is covered with a cloth or cotton stopper, the capacity of the container should be 2/3. Put it in a warm place, you can put it in the sun to strengthen the process of fermentation. Periodically, the solution is shaken.

In a couple of days, an active process will begin,readiness wine yeast from raisins achieved in 6-7 days. Store them in the refrigerator for 10 days. At the end of this period, you can start to prepare new raw materials, since the old has become worthless.

Preparation from figs

By the same recipe you can prepare wineyeast, where to buy them, it is difficult to find in the winter season, using figs. For this, dried high quality figs are purchased, since the fruits processed with special means for long-term storage will not ferment.

wine yeast application
The use of such yeasts in the manufacturealcoholic drink will give him an unusual and pleasant taste, which will differ from the usual wine. Many professionals experiment with the preparation of yeast from different berries, resulting in unusual tastes of the finished product.

Preparation of yeast from grapes

Wine yeast from grapes are prepared for 10 daysbefore you plan to start preparing an alcoholic beverage. On the bush is selected a ripe bunch with large poured berries. They are collected, removed from the brush, but not washed. As in other cases, on the surface of berries are microorganisms, which are responsible for the process of creating the necessary material.

For 2 servings of ripe and mashed berries you needhalf a serving of sugar and a serving of water. Mix everything well in a glass container and cover it with a cork of cotton wool or cloth so that air passes through. After 4 days the wine yeast from the grapes will be ready, they will only drain.

Preparation of berries

wine yeast from grapes
Wine yeast can be prepared using anybushy berries, which are in this period of the year. It can be red currant, white or black, raspberry, gooseberry or strawberry is good. The main condition after collecting berries - they do not wash. Since the microorganisms responsible for obtaining the necessary yeast are just on the surface.

The main ingredients for cooking include2 glasses of ripe berries, 1 glass of water and half a cup of sugar. Preliminary it is necessary to prepare a container for the fermentation process, any glassware of large volumes will do. You can take a jar into which water is poured and stir sugar in it until it dissolves completely.

The berries must be kneaded and mixed in a jar withobtained by a sweet solution. The container is closed with a cotton stopper. If the neck has a large diameter, this procedure is also carried out with a bandage. The bank is put in a warm room for 4 days. When the berries are completely fermented, the liquid must be drained, and this will be ready-made home-wine yeast. How to use this material, it is clear, the main thing is that they are only 10 days.


Wine yeast prepared at homeby all rules, are able to accumulate in wine 18 degrees. Also, this ingredient contributes to the creation of a pleasant aroma, which is so appreciated among winemakers. To prepare a sweet wine, only 5 grams of wine yeast is added to 5 liters of raw material. For dry - 100 grams.

wine yeast how to use
Preparation of alcoholic beverages in domesticconditions - an interesting and fascinating business. Wine yeast, the use of which facilitates the process of creating a good wine, must be harvested 10 days before the start of the process. To drink had a rich taste and aroma, the fermentation process is prolonged to 2 weeks. The room should have a stable warm temperature and regular airing.

When adding sugar during the active processfermentation of wort the strength of wine will increase, but its quality taste will decrease. Therefore, to get a nice and good drink, you need to spend 1.5-2 months to later enjoy a pleasant drink.

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