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How to cook belyashi on yeast dough

Before fragrant and juicy belyashi it is difficultto resist. Especially if they are cooked at home. For certain, many remember what delicious belasha was prepared by our grandmothers. Those that are sold in the store are not always tasty, and there is not as much meat in them as we would like. Therefore, there is nothing left to do but cook Belyasha. If you do not know how to do this yet, I suggest you the easiest and quickest recipe.

To begin with, we will prepare all the necessary products. We need:

  • flour (3 cups);
  • fresh yeast (25 g);
  • water (1 glass);
  • vegetable oil (3-5 tablespoons);
  • sugar (3 teaspoons);
  • salt (1.5 teaspoons);
  • minced meat (gram 300, preferably beef);
  • bulb (one large).

How to Cook Belyashi
How to cook belyashi with meat so that it is verydelicious? The secret is in mincemeat. For its preparation it is best to take beef, it is not so fat. Meat with a bulb should be passed twice through a meat grinder. In the prepared mince, add salt, pepper and a little water to taste, so that it turns out to be more juicy. If the beef is not at home, pork will do.

Now prepare the dough for our belaya. It's yeast, so it takes a little longer to prepare it.

For this, in a small amount of warm waterbrew yeast, adding a little sugar. We are waiting for them to come. Pour the rest of the water into a bowl, we also send our yeast, sugar, salt, vegetable oil and gradually introduce flour. The dough should be such that it lags well behind the hands, since it will be very problematic to cook whites in the case of a very sticky test.

We put the ready dough in a warm place in order to make it fit.

How to cook belyashi with meat
When it comes up, we cheat it and wait again untilit will grow twice. How to cook belyashi to get the "right dough"? It is necessary to take fresh yeast with a normal shelf life, because if they do not fit, the dough will not "grow" during the frying.

As soon as the dough is suitable for the second time,we proceed to modeling belaya. To do this, divide it into small portioned balls. We wait five minutes until they come up. Then roll out each ball, put it into the middle of the mince and blend the dough so that it remains inside. It is possible to dazzle not completely, so that a little beef is visible.

How to cook belyashi? It is important to take a responsible approach to their frying. Here it is required to pour a sufficient amount of oil on the pan, otherwise the Belyashas will burn and go badly.

How to cook homemade whites
As soon as the frying pan with the oil warms up, we lay out our billets on it so that there is free space between them, as during the frying the Belyashas will increase.

That's all! Now you know how to cook Belyashi at home. And not just belaya, but a very tasty, albeit high-calorie, dish. What should they be served with? Be sure to serve warm, so they are more delicious. It is possible to serve sour cream or favorite sauce for Belyashas. Some simply like to eat them with coffee or tea. And one more little advice: you can prepare a lot of belyashas in advance, part of them fry, and freeze the rest. This will save you time and can at any time pamper your loved ones with yummy.

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