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Tobacco chicken: a recipe for everyone

Well, tell me, who does not remember this gorgeous in allrelationship dish and who at least once did not wonder - but how to cook this miracle? So, the chicken is tobacco. The recipe exists not one. But it's good, there is, where to turn around the culinary fantasy, right?

This dish refers to a typical Georgian dish. And we know that Georgian cuisine is considered special. She skillfully combines taste - moderately tart and sharp - and useful ingredients. Here you will not find fat meat, generously saturated with mayonnaise and other unuseful kitchen variations. In addition, whatever you cook from Georgian cuisine, remember that the dish should be generously supplemented with greens and vegetables. It improves the functioning of the stomach, helps the food digest and will be typical of "Georgian", as we wanted.

You can choose a variation - how to make a chicken of the tobacco in the oven, and you can make it on the grill, somewhere in the nature. Also an interesting option.
If you are not sure how to cook chicken tobacco, but do not want to "fall in the dirt face" before the guests, do not rush. This is a delicate process. First you need to prepare the meat itself.

Do you know that chicken meat is desirable ona few hours or best for a whole night put in kefir? This secret is known by few, but yogurt will make the meat especially tender. You will understand the phrase, which means "meat literally melts in your mouth". This is thanks to kefir. But if you prefer to use marinade, then you can pre-marinate the meat in it.

Tobacco chicken, a recipe for everyone: take adzhika - about 5 teaspoons, pepper, butter melted and vegetable oil, 4 cloves of garlic (if you are an amateur ostrenkogo, you can take more, do not hesitate). We also need salt to taste, and of course the chickens themselves, the recipe of which we now write in detail. You can take one chicken, you can cook several chickens at once, if the company is going to be big. Choose a broiler or chicken. Ordinary. But not a laying hen, for its meat is somewhat harsh for cooking and the guests will surely feel it.

To begin with, the carcass must be thoroughly washed incold water and dry. To dry the meat a little faster, pat it with a kitchen towel. Then gently cut the carcass necessarily along the breast. Then we put a good flat shape. This can be done by beating off the carcass with a hammer on both sides. Well, then begins the most interesting, neat and delicate action, which requires special skills. It is necessary to separate the skin from the carcase. Just do not rip it off, but raise it in the form of such bags or pockets. Happened? Now we fill the pockets with garlic. It must first be finely chopped. And now we grease with Adzhika. Do not pity her. Adjiki does not happen much, like porridge in oil. If you previously soaked the chicken in kefir, then the adjika can be left for a couple of hours. If not, then greasing the adzhika, leave the carcass at least for hours 5-6. Ideally, as mentioned above, for the whole night.

Chicken tobacco, the recipe of which is described here- a real classic of Georgian cuisine, but experiments have not been canceled yet. Now it's your turn to make a frying pan or brazier. It must be well oiled and put our marinated carcass. Do it better skinned up, not down. Now close and carefully close, but be sure to put the load on top, at least a kilogram two. Voilà! You can bake. And here the main thing is not to overdo it, that is not to overdo it. Bake for about 25 minutes, no more. Then turn over the carcass with the opposite side and again send to the oven (until ready).
And now you can serve to the table. The secret of the dish is to generously decorate with greens, sprinkle with fresh chopped garlic, serve separately marinade and cut vegetables. All. Bon Appetit!

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