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Seasoning for chicken: how to make a new and unusual habitual dish

Even the most lazy mistress knows how muchthe taste of the simplest dish changes under the influence of seasonings. Yes there! Any bachelor who wants to slightly change the daily scrambled eggs, pours into her what he finds in the bedside table - if only it was more tasty and not very similar to what he ate yesterday.

But here a lot of people make a mistake. Not every spice is combined with the main component of the dish. It happens that the added seasoning does not just make the food "no", but can bring it to a state of complete inedibility. So, before adding spicy grass to your dinner, ask if it is compatible with this dish?

seasoning for chicken

Chicken and Tradition

The most unpretentious and quick in cooking meat for eternally busy contemporaries is the chicken. However, its meat is rather boring. So what is it to decorate?

Those who are over thirty, probably still remembertimes when all the seasonings were in salt, pepper and laurushka. No doubt, they are very democratic. And as a seasoning for chicken quite suitable. In principle, they will suit any meat (and not only). However, it is not interesting to manage this set only.

Modern offers

The most obvious solution is to go the easy way. Now in supermarkets - a lot of colored bags with the inscription "Seasoning for chicken", and the inscriptions on all claim that it is here that contains the best set of herbs and spices that will make your chicken dish unique. In something they can be trusted. So, on one of the packages, we subtracted that in a mixture of paprika, dried garlic, coriander, salt, curcuma, curry, hops-suneli, nutmeg, ginger, spices. In principle, the listed components really combine with the bird, but what is meant by the word "spices"? What exactly are they referring to? Yes, and curry - an ambiguous thing. It does not really inspire confidence such a seasoning for chicken. Its composition is also not indicated to the very end: the taste enhancers, as well as flavors and colorants are not listed.

seasoning for chicken composition

It all depends on what you are cooking

There is one more nuance about which you with confidencesay any cook (even an amateur) with experience and love of cooking. Seasoning for the chicken is selected depending on what kind of dish you cook from the bird. For example, basil is very good for independent dishes from chicken, but if soup is prepared, then it should be either fish or tomato. Chicken broth with basil is not particularly friendly.

In addition, if the bird is fried or baked,the best seasoning for chicken is the herbs. Take the same basil with marjoram and sage and add rosemary, thyme and mint, and rub it with a carcass - nothing tastier you can think of. And if the bird is stewed, many of the herbs will lose flavor and will actually be useless.

Correct combinations

And yet, what kind of seasonings are suitable for chicken? In addition to these spicy herbs and traditional Soviet recipe, you can take garlic, and even dried, white pepper - it produces an even better impression than the usual black, and ginger. In principle, the chicken quite "friends" with many condiments. But given that the meat is fresh (it's not for nothing that this bird participates in most dietary menus), do not spend on her soft, delicate spices. Seasonings should add to the chicken expressiveness, so that their flavor should be quite sharp, and the taste - preferably sharp or bitter.

what seasonings are suitable for chicken

Perfectly fits in these parameters saffron witha bright smell, besides, he stains white meat in an unusual yellow color, which also makes the eye happy. Remarkably harmonizes with this poultry curry, however, it is worth noting that it fits almost all the famous dishes. Despite the mild taste, sweet (Bulgarian) pepper is good in chicken dishes - due to the expressed aroma. And of course, chili if you do not shy away from the sharp.

Features of the grill

When cooking chicken on open fire,take into account the effect of the flame itself. Nevertheless, some part of the aroma and spiciness of seasonings under its influence are lost. That's why the bird is recommended to marinate before cooking: it will absorb the spirit of spices, the meat will become juicy, soft and fragrant. These goals and sets a seasoning for a grilled chicken, the composition of which differs from others. It contains more spicy spices: black pepper, paprika, garlic, and chili. Certainly must be present and fragrant ingredients: turmeric, hops-suneli, coriander, shamballa, nutmeg, ginger and curry.

seasoning for chicken grilled composition

In principle, knowing the preferences and "friendlyrelationship "of a chicken with spices and herbs, you can make your own collection that will suit your tastes, combine with bird meat and emphasize its dignity. For example, take chervil: it nicely shades the taste of the chicken, but, firstly, the aroma of it is too gentle, and when cooking it is necessary to use it in large quantities, and secondly, it quickly fades, while losing and so a faint smell. But, maybe, it will be your zest in chicken dishes.

Or, for example, oregano, which in fact -native oregano. He was used to meet in Italian dishes, but the oregano has long been used in Russia as a seasoning. Buy it is not so simple (at least, fresh), but it is quite worthy to be added to your list of favorite herbs.

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