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Is it possible to freeze eggplants for the winter, and how to do this?

Can I freeze eggplants for the winter? This issue becomes relevant during the autumn season, when a lot of different vegetables ripen in the gardeners' beds. It is worth mentioning that from the presented product of dark purple color you can easily make all kinds of salads, marinades and pickles. However, not all can taste such canned food. That is why today we decided to answer in detail the question of whether it is possible for the winter the eggplants freeze.

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The principles of freezing vegetables

It would seem that the products were placed in a freezercamera and that's it. But not all vegetables can be harvested according to such a simple scheme. After all, components containing a large amount of water, which includes and eggplant in particular, after thawing are converted into a mushy mass, which can not be used in cooking. That is why before such a procedure it is very important to save vegetables from all excess moisture. To do this, heat treatment should be carried out. But first things first.

Eggplants frozen: recipes for preparation of billets

1. Whole vegetables for creating second courses and salads

Can the eggplants be frozen for the winter?

Required components:

  • Eggplant young small - take any amount;
  • vegetable oil - 3-4 large spoons.

Cooking process

Is it possible to freeze the aubergines for the winter as a wholeform? The answer is you can. To do this, vegetables should be washed well, and then coated with vegetable oil, put on a grill or baking sheet. In this condition the eggplant should be baked at a temperature of 170 degrees for about half an hour. After that, the product must be reached and directly in a hot form to remove from it a hard skin. To carry out such a procedure, you need to hold the vegetable by the tail, and the other hand to rip off the surface film. Then the ingredients should be completely cooled, wrap each of them with food film, put it in a common bag and place it in the freezer. Of these frozen vegetables, it is good to prepare salads, stewed vegetables and other second dishes.

2. Sliced ​​vegetables

Necessary ingredients:

  • common salt - add to taste;
  • aubergines averages - any amount;
  • white flour sifted - to roll vegetables;
  • vegetable oil for roasting.

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Cooking process

Is it possible to freeze the eggplants for a delicious wintersnacks? The answer is you can. It is not a secret to anyone that such a vegetable is often used to create a beautiful and satisfying snack. To make it possible without much difficulty to do in the winter, you should properly freeze the main component. For this, the eggplant needs to be washed, cut into slices (1-1.4 cm thick), coated with salt, rolled in flour, and then fried on both sides with sunflower oil. Next, the ready-made vegetable needs to get wet on a paper napkin, lay it in layers in a pouch, alternating with baking paper and freeze. Such a product after thawing is practically no different from a freshly prepared analog.

Now you know how best to freeze eggplants. You can choose one way or another based on what dish you want to make from this delicious vegetable.

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