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Cooking at home: fish cake in a multivark

Pie with fish filling is a traditionalRussian food. In ancient times, he was preparing for a festive meal, as a filling using mainly red fish. Today, this dish has not lost its former popularity, it is prepared with pleasure by many housewives. From this article you will learn how to bake a fish pie in a multivariate. We offer you some of the most delicious recipes.

fish pie in a multivariate
Fish pie in a puff pastry multivariate

Ingredients: 250 g of puff pastry, one egg, 350 g of Adyghe cheese, a bulb, some greens, a can of canned pink salmon.


Drain the dough, roll it with a rolling pin and placein the capacity of multivark oiled. To the filling does not pour out, form the sides. Dice the Adyghe cheese into cubes. With canned food pour out the liquid, meat with a fork. Grind greens and onions. Stir all the ingredients and place on the dough. Fill the top with a beaten egg. The pie should be prepared in the "Baking" mode for 50 minutes. After the signal, open the machine and allow the cake to cool. Bon Appetit!

Fish pie in a multivark on kefir

pie for multivarkers
Necessary ingredients: a glass of kefir, butter (150 g), three eggs, 600 g of flour, soda, 50 g of granulated sugar and 30 g of salt. For the filling, two cans of canned pink salmon, onions and one potato are needed.


First, replace the dough with fish cake. To do this, melt the butter and mix all the necessary ingredients. Put a portion of the prepared dough into the capacity of the multivarker. With a fork, crush canned food by draining excess liquid. Clean the potato, slice it into thin slices and place on the dough. Next - onion half rings, and from above evenly distribute canned food, retreating around the edges of a little space. Lay the rest of the dough on top. Turn on the "Baking" mode for 60 minutes. After the signal, add another twenty minutes. Turn the cake over using a steam stand, and bake it for another 20 minutes. Bon Appetit!

Fish pie in the multivarquet at home

Necessary ingredients: 300 g of sour cream, five eggs, 320 g of flour, two cans of canned food, three onions, a spoon of baking powder, greens, a pinch of sugar and salt, black pepper and 100 g of butter.


Prepare another pie. For a multivark, as for an oven, a dough is used, the basis of which is sour cream. Mix one yolk with salt and sugar. Add the softened butter and 100 g of sour cream. Mix everything thoroughly. Gradually add 300 g of flour and a spoonful of baking powder.

dough for fish cake
For a while, take the dough into the refrigerator. Do the preparation of the filling. Onion finely chop and brown in a pan. Canned food with a fork. Then in a separate bowl, combine them with the onion. Prepare the dressing: in a blender, whip four eggs, 200 g of sour cream, finely chopped greens, salt, three tablespoons of flour and pepper. Dough get out of the refrigerator and roll into the bed. It must fit in the bowl in such a way that the sides that prevent the outflow of the filling turn out. On the dough, put onions and canned food. From above all abundantly pour in the fill. For 70 minutes, put the "Baking" mode. After the signal, wait for a while until the appetizer cools down, and only then remove the cake from the bowl. Bon Appetit!

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