/ Original homework. Marinated apples: recipe for a recipe

Original homework. Marinated apples: recipe for a recipe

Apples are wonderful gifts of nature. Rushing early in the summer, they then please us with a wonderful aroma and a pleasant refreshing taste all autumn. Collected and preserved, these fruits become for us the main sources of vitamins throughout the winter, and often they can eat until the new harvest. Eat apples fresh, prepare from them juice, compote, jam, jam, etc. Make them wet and even marinate!

Apples and Schisandra

pickled apples recipe
Of course, it sounds a little unexpected: pickled apples. Recipe, however, this dish there is not one. We will now analyze a few of the most original. The first of them is with berries of Chinese magnolia vine, very valuable from the point of view of cooking and folk medicine of a plant often used as a spice. The name of culture speaks for itself and gives preparation not only a unique taste, but also a wonderful aroma. Therefore, if you are interested in pickled apples, try a recipe. It's true, when you eat them, be careful. Fruits thus preserved increase blood pressure. But they also have a good toning effect. To prepare marinated apples, the recipe advises using winter varieties: they have the right sweet and sour taste and are well preserved. If you want to twist them whole, choose fruits small, but ripe, without spots and wormholes. For example, paradise apples. Larger cut into 2 or 4 parts. Put them in sterile jars, shifting branches of magnolia vine with berries (or without them, then the canned food will not look so colorful and appetizing). Now the future pickled apples recipe recommends pour boiling syrup (its composition: for each liter of water 300-350 grams of sugar). Filled cans need to be sterilized (half-liter - 15 minutes, liter - 25 minutes) and roll up. Turn them over, cover and let cool.

Marinated platter with apples

pickled apples
Very delicious are the pickled apples,if you make them assorted with other fruits, and not just twist it in its pure form. In an arbitrary order, take lemons, apples and apricots. Citrus slice in slices or mugs, with a peel. Remove only the seeds. Apples, too, chop, cut out the seeds. In apricots, take out the bones. Fold the components of the workpieces into cans, distributing evenly the lemons. Fill them with syrup, sterilize and roll. Marinade is as follows: boil water, pour 500 g of sugar and 5 grams of citric acid per liter. When the syrup starts to boil, remove the foam. Cook it for a few minutes, then distribute to cans. Canned in this way pickled apples for the winter are good, on their basis you can cook then compote or use as an independent snack.

Apples marinated without additional ingredients

pickled apples for the winter
Fruit cut into 4 parts and try for about5 minutes. Then cool immediately. Do not pour water, it will prepare marinade. For every liter of water, according to this recipe, there are 220-250 g of sugar, 5-6 peas of sweet pepper, a little cinnamon and a couple of clove flowers. When the sugar dissolves, pour the vinegar: 200 g of 6% per liter of syrup. Let the marinade boil, and turn it off. Apples put in small jars, fill with hot syrup, sterilize from 15 to 25 minutes depending on the volume. Tighten and put the cans to cool.

Here is a yummy - pickled apples!

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