/ / I understand the dream: what does the cemetery and graves dream about?

I understand the dream: what is the dream of a cemetery and graves?

General interpretation

If we talk in general about what we dream aboutcemetery and graves, this, of course, is your past life, which it is time to forget. If, for example, such dreams cause unpleasant emotions (sadness, fear, depressed mood) - these are some past life moments persistently remind you of yourself, keeping you on the way forward ... This can be anything:

  • memories of a loved one and an expensive person, lying on you with a load;
  • perhaps you are tormented by conscience for any misconduct;
  • teenagers have any complexes;
  • resentment done to you by someone.

Whatever it was, your dream advises you to let goits past, forget about it once and for all! Take it easy to it, throw out the bad thoughts out of your head ... In principle, now we understand what the cemetery and graves are dreaming of, now let's move on to concretizing individual variants of this dream.

what does the cemetery and graves dream about
From general to specific

  1. If you dream about the winter churchyard on which you are walking, then it says that you will leave home for a long time ...
  2. Live flowers in the cemetery in a dream will bring you joyful news about the health of your family and friends!
  3. If you are in love with real life, and in a dreamstroll around the graveyard - it's bad! Your relationship with the other half will not bring anything good, in the future you parted (perhaps in a quarrel). In addition, there is a great chance to see how your once-beloved person will play his wedding.
  4. Many people who have problems in their families (verythe relative is very ill), are sure that they know what the cemetery and graves are dreaming about. To the death of this relative. But let me intervene and dispel the stereotype a little! If in a dream you stroll through a well-groomed cemetery, rich in beautiful flowers and green grass, then in real life this relative will just recover! Another option: you again get the right to the land allotment, which you once illegally took away.
  5. If you are a mother, then the dream in which you bring flowers to the churchyard, symbolizes the well-being, health and success of your whole family!
  6. Why dream of a cemetery, graves on which are dirty and neglected? This is a paradoxical dream. You will live a long time, however, bury all your relatives and friends, being completely alone.
    what does the graveyard cemetery dream about
  7. If you see yourself standing at the graveyard in a sad state - something you will regret.
  8. What do you think the cemetery and graves are dreaming about for the elderly? To what especial! This is an ordinary dream, indicating that the old people are preparing to leave, realizing that this is inevitable.
  9. Read different inscriptions on the shelves - a good dream. You will enlist the support of many friends who can help you at any moment. By the way, the same thing promises you a dream, if you collect flowers near the graves.
  10. What is interesting is this dream: you see yourself standing at the grave of some person you know who lives in real life. Think about it ... Perhaps you are offended by him. In this case, you better forgive him.
    flowers in a cemetery in a dream

The Psychological Aspect

Psychologists say that the graveyards in the maindreams of someone who recently buried his loved one. And, the state of the cemetery in a dream directly depends on the state of mind of a person: if the cat "scratches" - the cemetery is dirty and not well-groomed, if just depressed - the cemetery is in good condition.

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