/ How do the signs of death look on your hand?

How do the signs of death look on your hand?

Since the man first took up a stick,to knock down the fruit for lunch with her help, and until today, when scientists are trying to reveal the secret of the particle of God, people were frightened by death and the complete lack of information, what is really following it.

Probably, therefore, since ancient times, they have been looking forwarning signals about its possible approximation. The signs of death on hand are no exception. Chiromancy is one of the oldest sciences on the planet, whose representatives for millennia gathered together their observations and sent them to the chosen custodians of secret knowledge.

Palmistry - the beginning of history

About that that in the Stone Age people gaveClose attention to the study of the arrangement of the lines on the palm is spoken by numerous rock carvings and handprints found in caves in France and in the province of Santander in Spain.

Who knows when the first time the ancient people drewattention to the fact that each person has his own set of lines, which also changes periodically, but even before the science of palmistry appeared, the signs of death on his hand (photos you can see later in the article) already interested them.

signs of death on hand

This suggests that 5,000 years ago there was agreat work has been done to study the human hand. For example, in the works of Valmiki Maharishi, each of the 567 stanzas is dedicated to a separate line, explaining the reasons for its appearance and revealing the meaning, while the signs of death on the hand in it are no exception.

Science or charlatanry

Since mankind has always drawn tounexplored or covered in mystery - from the structure of the universe to the spiritualistic sessions - palmistry has become one of the sciences, whose representatives were either recognized as great sages at the highest level (by kings and nobility), or burned at the stake as sorcerers and witches.

Until now, there is no one-sided explanation that thissuch is science or quackery. But no one can deny that the signs of death on his hand (photo shows an example of fortune telling), success, wealth manifests in people in different ways.

Moreover, the lines on the palms reallyare prophetic and in most cases come true, but with regard to death to date, everything is somewhat different. If 200 years ago, let alone several millennia, the signs of death on hand came true with an accuracy of 100%, then with the development of medicine they began to mean a possible outcome, and not the final one.

 palmistry of death signs on hand photo

In our time, palmistry is not a science, but it can be studied at the Institute in Mumbai and at the National Academy of Palmistry, which has been operating since 1940 in Montreal.

Signs of violent death in the palm of your hand

"Seal of fate" - so often called the signs onpalms, but it is fundamentally wrong. All the lines on the hands are constantly changing, some disappearing, and others appear, just busy with everyday affairs and ignorant people do not pay attention to it. Only those who are really involved in chiromancy can notice these changes.

Such metamorphosis means one thing - in the programself-preservation is a failure, its effect (kind of death) a person is given a sign and given a time limit to fix everything. One symbol of death is not enough, it must be accompanied by additional signs, which appear more often as a person approaches the imminent end. But if they were adopted, the consequences of their appearance - corrected, then the accompanying signs may not appear.

Not only signs of death on the hand, but also its specific appearance, for example, violent, are displayed. These include:

  • The sign of the hoop on the line of life is an attempt on the assassin.
  • The oblique lines located on the phalanx of the little finger, predict death from cold weapons.
  • When the line of life is bent towards the big finger and twisted - a person will perish from the fire.
  • Curved lines on the joints of the fingers indicate drowning.
  • If a semicircle appeared on the plain of Mars, then he portends death in battle.
  • According to the science of palmistry, the sign of death on the hand, in the form of a line of the mind, torn at the end, portends death from an injury to the head or throat.

palmistry of death sign on hand

Important to remember: Do not look for terrible characters on your hand without the help of a palmistry specialist. An incorrectly interpreted safety line can serve as an impetus to suspicious suspicions and fears, which in turn will cause the appearance of signs of death where they have not existed before.

Signs of death for natural reasons

Death is the most unpleasant sign that no onewants to find it on your palm, but you can not escape it, so it's better to know in advance about the possible development of destiny in order to prevent it than to die in the prime of life or through imprudence.

Many people can be saved by elementary knowledge, whether they have a death sign on their hand, what it looks like and what it means:

  • A short line of life is a short-lived existence.
  • When in the middle of the line of life you can see a depression with black dots - death will be sudden.
  • If the line of life is directed towards the middle finger and at the same time crosses the line of the heart, then death will be sudden.
  • If the line of the mind is rounded around the line of the heart, death from a hypertensive crisis is possible.
  • When the line of the mind ends in the plain of Mars, then the person will die from lung disease.

signs of death on hand photo

Getting similar predictions from signs onpalms, do not take them as a final verdict. The life line can become longer if you give time to your health, proper nutrition and way of thinking.

Determination of the date of death in the palm of your hand

As specialists in palmistry say, the linelife can indicate its duration or the approximate date of death. To do this, you need to correlate it with other lines and perform calculations. There is nothing complicated here for someone who is well versed in the names of lines, where they originate, and what is the relationship with each other.

Great palmists

Among the scientists who left their mark in the history of the development of palmistry, the following names can be noted:

  • Gartlieb (Germany, the work "The Art of Palmistry" 1448).
  • Hagen (Carthage, Chiromantian 1522).
  • Belot (Italy, 1640).
  • Casimir D'arpentigny (France, "Chironomia", 1843).
  • Adrien de Barollle (France, "Secrets of the Hand" 1860).
  • William J. Benham (USA, "Laws of scientific reading hands" 1900).

the sign of death on the hand looks like

Nowadays the works of these great scientists lie in thebased on the study of palmistry, and they can be comprehended by everyone who wishes. This is not only exciting, but also useful, because it is better to know in advance what the signs on the palms of your hand are - death, love, wealth or ruin, success or failure. All these are the stages of life that are reflected on the human hand.

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