/ What is life energy and how to improve it?

What is life energy and how to improve it?

Often people feel a breakdown, with difficulty perform the easiest tasks and the only thing they want is to go to bed and lie there for several days.

Vital energy

Some try to cope with this fatigue with the help of various power engineers and coffee or with the help of almost a round-the-clock sleep on weekends. Nothing but harm, such methods you will not bring.

It's time to remember about such a concept asVital energy. Some refer this concept to esoteric and mysticism, sniffing contemptuously and not believing in its existence. However, this energy is in each of us, and sometimes it is necessary to restore its reserves, because without it we can not function properly. Let's take a closer look at what it is, why this resource can be missed and how to raise life energy.

The causes of the decay of life force are closely related to the following points.

Insults and Feelings

Any stress leads to a leakage of vital energyfrom the body. Negative emotions destroy us, take energy and grow more and more at the same time. Any your resentment, rancor, inability to forgive a person leads to the fact that your life energy is gradually drying up.

Varieties of offense


  • Simple - when a person, for example, did not keepsome promise. To get rid of this resentment is a simple reminder to fulfill a promise. Life energy goes away even with such seemingly not so significant circumstances.
  • Complicated - accumulated grievances, claims to the person and so on. A serious conversation is heart-to-heart, and you will not only get rid of offense, but also correct the relationship with the person.
  • Insults of the past are the most complex type of offense. They can go from childhood, most often associated with some mental trauma or severe breaks.

Life Energy and Physical Health

All experiences are formed from grievances. At the same time, almost everything changes in a person: posture, voice, facial expressions and gestures. Each emotion leads to different changes in the body and stimulates different muscle groups in different parts of the body.

The cause of various tumors, includingmalignant, are long and strong grievances, which we could not defeat. Someone believes that cancer is always the cause of some conflict that has been growing since childhood or adolescence.

As soon as we stop resenting, the power of vital energy will increase rapidly.

Flexibility of views is necessary, since people who do notable to change their minds and standing on their own constantly, so also make others believe in their opinion, suffer from arthritis and arthrosis. The inflexibility of their views, in the end, leads to the inflexibility of the body itself.

The whole body seems to start talking about the tenacity of its owner: joints become inflamed and inflamed, hands and feet do not move well, flexibility and mobility are lost.

Disease is the need to reconsiderbehavior, their views and feelings. Every disease tries to tell you about something and it is necessary to be able to hear what your own organism tells you. They point you to your shortcomings, which you need to pay attention to. The restoration of vital energy begins with the forgiveness of offenses.

If you are faced with a grievance, it is better to immediatelyexpress their opinion on this matter. This will help you avoid the accumulation of grievances, especially since sometimes what seems to us insignificant, in the end, is transformed into a strong insult just because we did not solve the problem on time and more and more wound ourselves.

Unnecessary words

 how to raise life energy

From meaningless conversations, life energygoes to nowhere. You do not get anything from this conversation, only you lose precious energy and time, which we all do not have much. So if you feel like the conversation is losing any meaning, then you better finish it immediately. Some sages say that the level of life energy rises at a time when a person is silent and his thoughts are serene.

Internal dialogue takes energy

The same goes for internal dialogues. We spend 99% of the time, so we spend a lot of energy on it. Especially in those moments when we wind ourselves in the head and think over and over again some negative thoughts. Either learn to think positively, or do not think at all.

During a conversation or a dispute with yourselfthe consciousness is reprogrammed, some pluses and minuses are shifted, some thoughts are exaggerated, the opinion can be reversed to the opposite. Therefore, one should not think about what has not happened yet and will only happen in the near future. Also, you should not talk or think about what is happening in your life right now.

In general, do not waste time talking withsomeone with whom the conversation will not bring any benefit in the form of new information or useful skills. Communication with oneself in the form of endless senseless monologues must also be stopped.

Physical factors

The strength of vital energy is weakened, becauseEnough energy to your body. If you sleep several hours a day, do not get enough sleep, then spend the whole day on your feet and in turmoil, not giving yourself a break, then where will the forces come from? Failure of biorhythms will lead to the fact that the body will not understand when it should rest and accumulate energy, and as a whole will be puzzled, which is associated with a sudden change in the usual routine of the day. In this connection, after some time, he will arrange a strike.

activation of vital energy

Lack of physical activity will lead toatrophy of muscles, the general tone of the body is reduced, the immunity is weakened and this can lead to a large number of health problems. To avoid them adhere to a constant regime, try to force yourself at the same time to get up and go to bed, do physical exercises every day, even if they are not very heavy. How to increase life energy and will be filled with positive emotions?

Lack of communication with nature

life energy management

Nature, trees, animals and so onnourish your life energy, and a bustling city sucks it out. And that's not even talking about the fact that life in the city itself exhausts and makes you always run and rush somewhere. We spend too much time at work or at home, so we feel an acute shortage even in the fresh air.

In nature, we can take our mind off everything, relaxsoul, enjoy the silence and thereby restore life energy. After a walk in the fresh air you can feel how the energy begins to almost whip out of you. Perhaps this is the simplest and most enjoyable method of managing life energy.

Therefore it is extremely important a couple of times a weekgo to the park or the forest to get a charge of energy and vivacity. If you have such an opportunity, then go to the village and there already feel it all completely. After two days alone with nature, you will feel as good as you have not felt for a long time.

The source of vital energy is our genus

source of vital energy

The most important thing in your life is your roots. Never forget your parents and you will feel the energy flowing through you through a strong stream. So that we do not try to imagine, without parents, we are nobody.

If you sincerely try to restore relationships with your parents, then soon after that you will feel how your life will change.

However difficult it may be, start taking the first steps to restore communication with them.

Even if they made some mistakes, forgive them for them. They are people like everyone else, they tend to make mistakes as well as everyone.

Do not demand anything from them, but do not forget to be grateful to them for the fact that they gave you life.

Your life will become more thorough if youYou will call them every day, come, inquire about their well-being. The main thing is to do everything sincerely, and not be manipulative, because otherwise there will be little meaning.

Take care of their calm, tell them everythinghonestly, but do not load your problems. You will feel their support always, in any situation, but since they are experiencing all your problems as your own, do not abuse it.

If your parents are no longer alive, thenremember the happy moments, for which you love them and forgive them, and yourself. If you blame yourself every day for not paying enough attention to them, not coming all the time, or offending something in a conversation, then let it go. You can not carry this load all your life.

The way you build your relationships with your parents,will affect your relationships with your children. You will be the same source of energy for them, so think about what energy you can give them?

Change yourself, change yourself internally, and younotice how your life becomes more happy and successful. Use energy practices that will help you, but do not think that they are a universal solution to all your problems.

Practical ways to increase energy

Activation of vital energy will subsequently leadto a complete transformation of the character of a person. In order to get more energy, one should want to change oneself for the better. Most people already know how to increase their energy level, but do not do it because they do not want to change their habits and rules or banal laziness. If you want to become more energetic, then you must also have a great desire to change your life.

So, what are the ways to increase energy?

Get rid of bad habits. They are the main enemies of your life energy. Smoking, alcohol and drug addiction drag you down and because they take away your energy, you already do not have the strength to fight them.

restoration of vital energy

All of them cause dependence, and untila person does not take the next dose, his working capacity is greatly reduced, and he can not concentrate on the matter. After taking the dose, working capacity rises, but not for long, since soon the person again feels the need for it. All your bad habits destroy your body and lead to a variety of diseases and increased irritability, which leads to resentment, your own and others. If you can get rid of them, you will immediately feel a change in yourself. Some cope with this on their own, someone turns to specialists. It does not really matter, since the main result. If you can do this and set foot on the road for a change in your life, then you will be able to do the rest.

  1. A full rest is necessary for the body. He can not work 24 hours a day, he needs to restore energy. If you feel that you are working at the limit of your strength, but you can not do it qualitatively all the same, then it's better to rest. From such reprocessing, the vital energy of a woman is especially exhausted. After rest, you can finish this job much faster and better. If you feel that you are full of energy in the middle of the night, then do not waste it and get busy, but be prepared for the fact that in the morning your body will not appreciate it and you again will not have the strength to do anything.
  2. Find yourself a goal in life. People who have it, all their energy is sent to achieve it and do not waste it. In contrast, people who do not know what they want to achieve spend their energy in anywhere and can not achieve anything for this reason.
  3. Communicate with positive people. People full of negativity will throw this negative on you. You yourself will not notice how, after communicating with such a person, your thoughts will become depressed. They feed on such thoughts, typical "energy vampires". The same with positive people. They will charge you with their energy, and you will feel the strength to do things. With such people you can even just remain silent and still feel how they infect you with a good mood.
  4. Do what you like. If you do not like what you are doing, then you are unlikely to spend all your energy on it. If you are doing what you love, then you yourself are infected with enthusiasm and ready to turn the mountains for the sake of this matter and at the same time it will not bother you at all.
  5. Active way of life is your assistant. Physical exercises will fill you with energy and vigor, unless you overdo it.
  6. Vitamins are necessary for every person. Eat more vegetables, fruits, greens. The natural vitamins contained in them, will cleanse your body, give energy for your affairs. Vitamins are obtained only from natural products, you should not drink tablets, since many of them have side effects, and they will not bring the necessary energy.
  7. There are products that fill us with energy. And no, it's not about energy or coffee, but about, for example, citrus or pineapple. A large amount of vitamin C in them invigorates. Color therapy is provided by nuts, such as peanuts, almonds or cashews. The fish is rich in magnesium, which is necessary if a person feels sluggish or quickly tired, and also contains Omega-3, which positively affects the brain and improves mood.
  8. Be on the nature as often as possible. It will cleanse you from negative thoughts and negative energy, help you get distracted from work and just relax.
  9. Water procedures are more than useful. Take a bath with aromatic oils and feel how fatigue disappears and all the stress accumulated during the day is removed. Allow yourself such pleasure.
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