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Dream Interpretation: what does it mean if the rat dreamed?

Most people do not like at allsuch animals as rats. These rodents are associated with disease, betrayal and other negative factors. But some animal lovers bring these long-tailed animals as pets, considering them to be very sweet, affectionate and quick-witted creatures. But what if at night we dreamed of rats? What does a dream like? We suggest that you ask for answers to these questions to several of the most accurate dream books of our day.

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Gustav Miller's dream interpretation: what did the rat dream about?

According to the interpretation of this dream book, the dreamrats predict you a quarrel, and perhaps a fight with neighbors. Also, such a vision can be a prelude to a quarrel with business partners. If you caught this rodent, you can defeat all your enemies. To kill a rat is to the successful resolution of all problems.

What to expect when a rat dreams: An ancient French dream book

This tailed rodent in the dreamis seen as a warning about the need to be very alert and attentive in real life, because your enemies are plotting against you. If you eat rat meat, you will be able to overcome the evil spirits and enemies.

what does a rat gray dream about

An ancient English dream book: what did the rat dream about

According to the compilers of this source, the ratacts as a warning about the presence of your numerous enemies, who in the near future will start to annoy you. For lovers, a dream like that can mean having a rival or rival who has a huge impact on your passion and will make every effort to take your place.

What did the rat dream about: The dream of the past

This animal acts as a warningabout the danger of losing luck in life or to get some health problems. Also for representatives of the strong half of mankind, such a dream can mean a strong influence on the part of a very confident woman who aspires to completely subjugate your will.

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Dream from A to Z: What does the rat dream about?

The gray rat, figuring in a dream, symbolizesthe appearance in your life of enemies, get rid of which will be very difficult. If these rodents run around your house, then you are waiting for family quarrels, quarrels with friends and other troubles. The dream in which you set a trap for these rodents means that in real life you will be able to recognize in time all the secret intrigues of your ill-wishers and prevent their plans. Trapped rodent heralds a possible robbery of the home or a serious quarrel with the neighbors. A dead rat acts as a warning of an infectious disease that you risk becoming infected in the near future. To kill a rat is to get rid of the rivalry and intrigues of enemies. If you drive out of the room or house of these rodents, while actively using a mop, poker or other similar object, then a long and stubborn struggle with an unknown result awaits you. A dream in which a cat catches a rat promises someone's very timely help.

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