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How to understand that this is your man by fate? Divination, psychology, esoterics

The first few months of the relationship of many pairsdevelop perfectly: joint walks, flirting, touching courtship, first kisses. But what will happen next? A beautiful wedding and a happy life together? Or endless conflicts, as a result of which you part with "just friends"? Entering into a relationship with a guy, how to understand that this is your man?

how to understand that this is your man

Why do many unite in pairs not with "their" people

To go on dates can be pleasant almostwith any representative of the opposite sex (if he, of course, does not cause antipathy): sunny weather, cozy atmosphere in a cafe or cinema, melodious music creates the illusion that you are well together. Often there is no time to reflect on the question: "How to understand that this is your man by fate?" Is it worth worrying about tomorrow, when you can enjoy today?

However, a long romance with a partner whoseviews on life are very different from yours, it can hardly be called happy. Gradually, both sides begin to realize that they made a mistake. The guy and the girl notice the shortcomings of each other, with which they can not reconcile. Rupture of the relationship is most painful for both.

It would seem that the scenario of unhappy love is familiarto each. No sane person wants to get into it. Why then do many girls and boys make a serious mistake - they enter into long-term relations with unsuitable partners for them? There are many reasons for this, among which the following are most common:

1. Fear of public opinion. Many girls are afraid that if they stay alone for a long time, the environment will find them "flawed" and "useless to anyone". Attaching too much importance to the opinion of others, they hurry to enter into a relationship with a new partner, not having understood their feelings properly.

2. Pressure from parents. It is difficult for most mothers and fathers to refrain from criticizing the "wrong" behavior of the child or giving him "sensible" advice. Young boys and girls find it difficult to differentiate between their own and their parents' opinions. Therefore, they often choose partners attractive to the older generation, and not for themselves.

3. "Love" in any one quality of the second half: wealth, spectacular appearance, popularity. At an early stage of the relationship, the positive trait of the partner may seem so significant that many minuses for a long time remain unnoticed.

4. The conviction that with the creation of a family you need to hurry. Many girls who "stayed long in brides" are ready to accept the offer of the hand and heart even from the unloved person.

5. Unplanned pregnancy. The future birth of a child often forces lovers to register a marriage as soon as possible. The groom is the father of the baby, who will be born very soon. Therefore, girls in this situation often already think about the question "how to understand that this is your man."

6. Low self-esteem. There are many young men and women in the soul who consider themselves unworthy of love and a happy marriage. They do not want to part with unsuitable partners, because they think that they will not find anyone else.

What does "the second half" mean? She is one?

Among the romantically tuned girls and boysit is widely believed that a person can have only one true love. Is it really? In fairy tales, there is often a plot: the beautiful prince destiny destined for the wife of an extraordinary beauty. Having met, they at first sight understand that they have waited for the rest of their lives, and decide to get married.

how to understand that this is your man by fate

In real life, however, there are many refutations to the fact that the "second half" of man has only one.

Firstly, women and men fall in love more than once during their lifetime, and with each partner they are happy in their own way.

Secondly, young people usually do not have toto go around the world in search of "only" or "only". A loved one, as a rule, meets in his hometown: visiting friends, at work, on the street.

Thirdly, to recognize the "one's" man or "his"a woman in the first minutes of dating is difficult. Relations develop gradually. Again and again we have to ask ourselves: "How to understand that this is your man" in life "?"

In addition, psychologists say that for everyoneguy and girl on the planet there are at least several thousand people with whom he or she can be happy in marriage. Thus, the myth of the only "second half" can not be considered as wealthy.

Signs that he is "your" person

Entering into a romantic relationship with a representative of the opposite sex, pay attention:

  • what feelings do you feel towards him;
  • how he keeps himself to you;
  • how the relationship develops.

At first glance it may seem that you are in love. But how to understand that this is your man for life?

This is indicated by the following features:

  1. Together, you are easy and comfortable. You feel sympathy for each other.
  2. There is a commonality in interests and hobbies. Your views on life are similar in many respects.
  3. The second half is not indifferent to your opinion.
  4. The motives for his actions are clear to you.
  5. You are pleased not only to talk together, but also to remain silent.
  6. You are not irritated by the shortcomings of a partner, he is also calm about your "fads".
  7. In general, you are confident in the feelings of a loved one. You do not have to wonder why he behaves this way, and not otherwise.
  8. You give each other about an equal amount of attention.
  9. Your relationship begins to resemble the married: there are common things, plans, similar views on different issues. You easily agree with each other.
  10. People notice that you and your lover are similar in appearance. You yourself see this.
  11. The style of your clothes and its like.
  12. You feel that even if a loved one is seriously ill or is left without work, he will still not lose his attractiveness in your eyes.

how to understand that this is your man Orthodoxy

Signs of the fact that the relationship is likely not to develop

1. He openly flirts with you with other girls.

2. Some of the features of the elect strongly irritate, I want to "re-educate" him.

3. You like some special quality of a partner, for example, a spectacular appearance or wealth. But deep down you understand: he will cease to be attractive in your eyes, losing his advantage.

4. He regularly does not fulfill the promises given to you.

How to recognize "your" person: the recommendations of psychologists

A guy can be very good-looking, but neitherschool, or in high schools do not explain how to understand that this is your man. The psychology of relations, however, is a full-fledged science. Researchers of this sphere know many methods and tricks that help to find the answer to an important mystery of fate.

Try, for example, to use such methods:

1. Imagine, as if you already live together: in the morning you greet each other, start a new day. Pay attention to the details: who first occupies the bathroom, what do you eat for breakfast? Imagine how you solve household issues together, agree on plans for the evening, distribute the budget, relax? Visualizing the possible future, pay attention to what feelings you are experiencing with this.

2. Tell your story guy about problem situations (real and invented) from the life of different people. Ask unobtrusively questions to understand, how would your chosen one himself acted under similar circumstances.

3. Carefully ask how your beloved had relationships with girls in the past. For what reasons did he part with the former passions? It is not necessary, however, to raise this topic in conversations more than once.

4. Invite the chosen one to do something together, for example, invite friends to visit and prepare in advance for the party. Pay attention to how you both feel and behave in a situation where you need to do something together.

how to understand that this is your man in the fate of the conspiracy

From the point of view of the Orthodox religion

How to understand that this is your man? Orthodoxy recommends that you turn to the Holy Scripture for this. The subjects of the Bible indicate that half of the people do not choose that it is sent to him by God.

Clergymen resemble:

  1. When making a choice, it is important to remember God and God's Will.
  2. You can pray to God in prayers to help you make the right decision.
  3. Young people must remain faithful to each other, live in sincere love and harmony, without committing adultery even in thoughts. Therefore, the choice of a spouse should be taken responsibly.
  4. Christianity is not approved, but it is not strongly condemned to make a marriage with a person belonging to another faith. It is extremely undesirable to marry only an atheist.
  5. You can not choose a life partner, focusing only on his physical attractiveness or property status. When choosing a pair, it is important to consider the commonality of worldviews.
  6. Marriage must be kept on harmony, respect and cooperation.
  7. It is important to know how a loved one relates to religion. The correct family life, according to the laws of Christianity, is when the husband and wife together worship God, get to know him through their love, pray together.

How to understand that this is your man by fate? Orthodoxy helps to make the right decision.

From the point of view of esotericism

Many people to solve important lifetasks, do not turn to religion, but to other knowledge. Of course, how to understand that this is your man by destiny, esotericism will not give an exact answer at once. But, turning to this doctrine, you will learn to "order" the Universe to fulfill your desires.

Esoterics recommend pronouncing words by addressingtheir Higher Power, to which you believe and from which you expect help (to the angels, the universe): "Please do so that I know exactly whether it is my man." Indicate the time period during which I would like to receive an answer. Many people practicing communication with the Higher Power reported that a clear and clear "response" from the Universe came to them already in the first minutes after the request was formulated. The answer came in the form of an accidentally heard phrase from a conversation, a fragment of a telecast, a brief advice from a stranger, an unusual event.

However, the answer of fate may not contain an unambiguous "yes" or "no". "The universe" can recommend, for example, to think independently of the problem or to talk with someone on an exciting topic.

how to understand that this is your man in the fate of esoterics

Signs of fate

If you believe in destiny and pay attention toher signs, you'll immediately feel if something special begins to happen in life. When you enter into a relationship with a guy, then you want to know how to understand that this is your man. In solving this difficult task, pay attention to whether your connection has the following features:

  1. You often face this guy on the street or visiting friends, not at all trying to do it.
  2. He seems to be like one of your old, long-forgotten friends.
  3. If you have a desire to part, new circumstances arise that clearly interfere with this.
  4. You get amazing hints from the fate that you will be together. For example, you accidentally find an article in a magazine or a film whose story is reminiscent of the history of your relationship.

It should be borne in mind, however, that if fateconfronting you with a guy, this is not at all a guarantee that your relationship will later be happy and will last a lifetime. It is possible that the universe needs your connection for a short period. For example, in order to result in the birth of an unusual child.

Analysis of dreams

How to understand that this is your man, if you regularly see and remember specific dreams? Night vision can give a lot of valuable information. How to work with it?

  1. Waking up, just write a dream. Fix on paper all the details of night vision: the sequence of events, the relationship of characters, objects of the environment, which were remembered, their feelings. It is especially important to note "oddities" that could not occur in reality. Often, just in them lies the clue of the meaning of night vision.
  2. In order to interpret the dream, you must read the recorded. By the way, people often understand the meaning of night vision even when they fix the content on paper.
  3. Do not hurry to address to dream-books. Most often they contain an incorrect interpretation of symbols. Pay attention to how the subjects of dreams are analyzed by professional psychologists and fortune tellers on the Internet. Try to learn from their experience.
  4. Think about what sphere of life concerns the nightvision: love relationships, career, creativity, health? Girls for whom the question of how to understand that this is your man by destiny is very important, often see dreams about the relationship of men and women.
  5. Think of a headline for the recorded story.
  6. Write down the characters you met in your dream. Unfamiliar people and creatures come up with names. Try to guess why they might appear in your night vision.
  7. Pay attention to the awkward situations and feelings that arose in a dream

Analyzing night visions, you will understand much about your relationship with the opposite sex.

how to understand that this is your man by fate by date of birth

From the point of view of astrology

Is it possible, after studying the secrets of the stars, to getreliable information on whether you will be together? How do you know if it's your person by date of birth? Do not rely solely on this method and take your forecasts too seriously. However, you can play with the numbers and find out what is unique about your relationship with your beloved.

Write down your date of birth and the partner's date of birth in numbers.

For example: 10.10.1970, 15.07.1973.

Next, you need to calculate the number of relationships. To do this, you need to sum all the digits of both dates. In our example: 1 + 0 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 0 + 1 + 5 + 0 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 3 = 52.

If the result is a two-digit number, its numbers must be added again: 5 + 2 = 7.

Check further what the resulting figure means.

1 - you are both leaders and subconsciously always fighting for who is in charge.

2 - the relationship is based on a material basis. Such families, as a rule, are very wealthy, because the couple develops a business partnership. Even just talking with each other, you can generate ideas on how to multiply common wealth. But the passions and sensuality in such unions are few.

3 - number of inconstancy. Partners communicate with each other a lot, but irregularly. Can repeatedly reunite and again part.

4 - the number of home comfort, warmth, comfort. Partners together is very easy. However, they unite, they are aimed not at cooperation, but on joint recreation. "Quartet" often hamper the professional development of each other.

5 - a very romantic alliance, in which there is room for both gentle kisses and heart-to-heart talks. About such people they say: "They married for a great love."

6 - both partners are ready to work together tofinancial prosperity, help each other solve problems of various kinds. The number is favorable not only for marriage, but also for the joint creation of business. Often men and women in such pairs, even after parting, continue to communicate with each other as comrades and partners.

7 - a girl and a boy agree perfectlybetween themselves. Everyone behaves diplomatically in relation to another. But the "Seven" is inherent in some non-mandatory: lovers often do not fulfill the promises given to each other.

8 - between people in such an alliance there is a strong mutual attraction, but one partner always manipulates the other.

9 - the relationship of the two "philosophers." A man and a woman influence each other in such a way that both "fall out" of real life. Their favorite occupation is to talk long hours about unrealizable dreams.

Is your boyfriend a mystery? But now you know how to understand that this is your man by destiny. By the date of birth of both of you!

how to understand that this is your man for life

Magic rituals, allowing you to recognize your "own" person

How to understand that this is your man by fate? Divination was helping our grandmothers from time immemorial. There are rituals that help determine if you are destined to be together.

Try one of the magic rituals described below:

"Conversation with a Higher Power"

Light a candle. Say the words: "Angels of love, open the truth to me, ... (your name), whether I will be together with ... (name of the chosen one)". Breathe in the scent of the candle. After that, you need to go out into the street and the first person to meet you to ask any question that presumes the answer is "yes" or "no". For example:

  • Do you have a watch?
  • Was this man coming out of this door now?
  • Did you choose this beautiful suit yourself?
  • Do you live in this house?
  • Do you have a brother (sister)?
  • Have you ever rested in Bulgaria?

If the person responds positively, you are destined to be together with the chosen one. If it is negative, then you are likely to part.

"The Pendulum of Fate"

Take a small thing that can playthe role of the plumb (bolt, pebble, heavy button, needle), tie a thread to it. Take the resulting pendulum in your hand. Wait, when he is gone. Ask the "pendulum" if he is ready to "talk" with you. If the object tied to the string began to sway, then approaching you, then moving away, this should be interpreted as an affirmative answer. If it moves from left to right and vice versa, then the answer is negative. At the moment when the pendulum is ready to "talk", you can ask any questions about the chosen one.

"Magical plot"

This method was used by our great-grandmothers, who always knew how to understand that this is your man by destiny. The plot will help if you pronounce it over melt water.

First it is necessary to prepare such water. To do this, pour a non-carbonated mineral water into an ordinary glass beaker and place it in the freezer. Wait until the liquid is completely freezing. Then take a glass of water from the freezer and wait for the water to thaw. When there is only a small ice cube, take it out of the glass and discard it. Water from a glass can now be used for a plot.

Leaning over it, you need to say the words: "Higher power, give me, ... (your name), just to know if it's my man. Answer for 24 hours. " After that, drink water. The answer will come soon.

Some magicians claim that the conspiracy works in a poetic form, for example:

Leaning over the water,

I call to my house,

Angel of Light, come,

Stand behind me, behind me.

And hours in ... dtsat

Please, let me know:

Who in the heart of the bolt

Mine will manage to break.

how to understand that this is your man psychology

If you are already dating a guy that youlike how to understand that this is your man? Listen to yourself and your feelings. If you are destined to be together, then all doubts will very soon fall off by themselves.

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