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Origin and meaning of the name Latif

Quite interesting is the meaning of the nameLatif. Despite the fact that it has Arabic roots, it is not only popular with Eastern people. Melodious sound and deep meaning - that's what attracts people in this name.

Latifah - the meaning of a name among Muslims

Muslims pay great attention to the selection of namesfor infants. By naming a child one way or another, they want to give it certain qualities. The meaning of Latif's name is in such characteristics as kindness, affection, affability and charity. Often, parents call the girl Latifah if they want to raise her as an obedient daughter and a respectable wife.

the value of the name of the latif

Numerology of the name

In order to decipher as accurately as possiblethe meaning of the name Latif, it is recommended to refer to numerology. Number 4 predicts the girl's predilection for exact and technical sciences. In addition, such individuals are very honest, conscientious and at the same time cautious. Latifa easily finds friends and can become a reliable support for them in difficult situations.

Call children names with a number4, is recommended in the event that they were born under the signs of Pisces or Sagittarius. The most favorable day, which is worth starting important business, is Thursday. In the wardrobe must prevail crimson and blue shades. When choosing jewelry, Latifa should give preference to products with sapphire, which will serve as a charm.

Characteristics of personality

The meaning of the name Latif fully correspondsa typical image of an Arab woman. Its main life priorities are reliable marriage and financial stability. If Latifah will feel the love and loyalty of her husband, she will give all her strength to ensure his well-being. She is ready to take responsibility for solving the problems of all family members. Nevertheless, you should not use her kindness too much.

Latifah is a creative and multifaceted personality. She has so many hobbies that she can simply get lost and waste her energy. It is very important that next to Latifa there is a person who will help her to choose the specific direction in which it is worth working.

latifah meaning of a name among Muslims


Latifa is a very beautiful name both in terms ofsound, and in terms of meaning. By naming your daughter in this way, you will endow it with all those qualities that a real woman should have. Latifa will become an obedient and caring daughter, a decent wife, a wonderful mistress and just a good person, who can always be contacted for advice and help.

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