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Is the dream terrible?

The teeth in our dreams are directly related to health,vitality, relationship, and what is happening in your immediate environment. And this is not surprising, because they symbolize our roots. In order to find out what it means to dream about a dream, teeth fell out or new ones grew, more importantly, not to what dream book you are accustomed to trust, but what sphere of life is most occupied by you in recent times.

Generally lose teeth, according to the majorityinterpretations, does not bode well. If feelings related to the health of close people and relationships with them are relevant to you, then such a dream - the teeth fell out - can signal the impending illness of the native person. Dreamer Maya in this case, advises to bury, throw in the water and burn one egg egg. Most likely, it will cause a smile, but if it helps to sleep calmer, then the sacrificed three eggs are worth it. But if the dropped teeth subsequently grow back - prosperity is destined not only to you, but also to your children. Toothache in a dream can mean that you will have to tolerate notations from relatives, and if you persistently endure it and find a way to overcome it, small related quarrels will not lead to serious conflicts. Looseness, but remaining in place teeth - it is possible to add to the family.

For a person who is concerned about the situation at work,a good sign will be cured in the dream teeth. In general, the close attention that you give them, recalls the need to remain vigilant. Therefore, if you admire them too long - be on the alert. Sick, spoiled teeth foreshadow failure, this is a bad dream.

The teeth fell out - to losses that can be avoided,if you take more care of your reputation and follow your words. Be especially tactful with your superiors. However, perhaps in your life there has come a transitional stage, and in the end you will get more than you lose, because before you have permanent strong teeth, you need to part with the dairy. And, of course, it's good if you have good teeth in a dream. This means that you are able to "chew" any problem and you have a good grip. A man with false teeth should alert you. Such a symbol may indicate the dishonesty of your business partners, who hide their intentions. Itself to have artificial teeth - you are also not entirely sincere in relation to your counterparties.

Teeth are related to the energy staterights. If for you at the moment are more actual personal concerns than business related and productive, it is worth considering that it can promise you an unusual dream. The teeth fell out - not necessarily to wait for losses. Such a symbol can predict a secret romance, or it can be said that in your subconscious you hide what you are afraid to admit even to yourself. To pull out a tooth in a dream means the upcoming break of the relationships that are bothering you. Perhaps it will be painful, but it will do you good. It is interesting that if you are not lost by the teeth yourself, but by another person, this does not bode ill for him, but it shows your latent aggression towards him.

What else says the dental topicDream Book? To treat your teeth - you will need a lot of effort to bring harmony into your family life, but if in a dream you are satisfied with the result, your efforts will pay off.

As you have already understood, the better the state of the seenin a dream of teeth, the more favorable a sign they are. It's good when they are healthy, white. A single person can even promise marriage. It is not bad to treat them and insert them, however, artificial teeth in a dream are associated with deception or the upcoming test of you and your moral qualities. It is much worse - to lose one's teeth, but remember that any loss ends with the acquisition of something new, and caring for your teeth, in a dream and in reality, clearly portends health.

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