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The popular rumor. What is itching for the left heel or eyebrow?

Do you believe in omens? No? Do not you remember the people's councils if a black cat ran across the road? Does ringing in the ears not worry you? Probably, somewhere in the depth of your consciousness you still connect this or that event with some sign of destiny. We suggest discussing, based on folk wisdom, to which one or another part of the body may be itching. It's no accident!

The left heel was combed

What does the left heel scratch?
It is not worth it if you were asked: "What does the left heel scratch?" Of course, you can say with humor that you need to conduct with her basic hygienic procedures. On the one hand, and this is necessary. After all, many diseases of the feet are accompanied by itching. But let's discuss how folk wisdom explains this sensation. Believe me, the signs claim that this is a certain sign that predicts events in the near future. So, the left heel itches for a reason. Of course, it should be excluded those moments if the itching appeared due to some external factors: a healing wound, uncomfortable shoes, an insect bite, etc.

What does the left eye scratches?
The people have several interpretations of whatitches the left heel. For example, the ancient Slavs claimed that the feet (and especially the heels) are itching to change the weather. If the winter is cold in the yard, then expect an early thaw. If the heel itches in the summer heat - soon it will rain.

At the same time, folk wisdom believes thatfeet are itching to go. Not a very pleasant sign of what the left heel is scratched. People say that we should expect a trip with an unpleasant outcome. Probably, there you will be robbed, or troubles will be connected with the casual companion. And maybe with weather conditions - for example, it will rain heavily or a hurricane will start. It is also said that a sudden itch of the heel for a married woman or married man heralds treason, and it will happen during the trip.

What itches the right foot
And I wonder what itching to the right foot? So, it itches to good. So, the trip will be successful, it will be pleasant and fruitful. If the voyage is connected with work, then all your labors will be rewarded. If you went on vacation with your second half, then your right heel scratched to a pleasant pastime and the beginning of a new family romantic relationship. How true it is to the left heel or the right one to heal, you can find out only by comparing the events in the future. Maybe, and do not pay special attention to this? In the end, a person chooses his own way in life. And actions in no way can be associated with this or that sign.

Her brows quirked

Very interesting and ambiguous interpretation of the people'srumor is what itching to the left eyebrow. It is said that this sign means abuse and abuse. They scratched the left eyebrow - you know: someone has scolded you at this moment. Do not be afraid that someone behind your back is blaming you with an evil word. Perhaps, today you refused to give your baby an extra portion of dessert, and at that moment he complained about it to his beloved grandmother. And she promised her grandson that she would punish the parent for such an offense. Another thing is when you insulted someone or insulted someone. It turns out that in this case you are being scolded for doing it.

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