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Who celebrate the name-day in August?

Each of us knows the date of hisbirth, however, apart from this festive day, every person has also so-called birthday parties. Not every person is interested in his name-days and simply does not attach any importance to this celebration. Let's take a closer look at this event.

Name Day in August

What is the name day?

First of all, it is necessary to understand what exactlymeans this holiday. Even in infancy over the child, the sacrament of baptism is performed, and hence, from that moment on, each person appears a kind of patron, or, as it is still called, the guardian angel. In Orthodoxy, such a patron becomes a saint, whose name is now worn by a man. It is believed that he is now praying for us before God, protects and helps us in every possible way. In turn, we must also honor the memory of that saint who is now our patron, to know his history and what exactly during his life he distinguished himself. It does not matter at all whether you celebrate your name day in August or any other month, after all, you can even do it several times a year, the main thing is to pray diligently and honor the memory of the saint whose name you are wearing.

Name days in August

As a rule, future parents think aboutWhat name to give to your kid, but very often it is on what day a child is born, it depends on what name his parents will choose. Such a decision is truly Christian, but it is not mandatory when choosing a name. So, for those who are interested, who will be named in August, we tell.

named after August boys

Already on August 1, celebrate their birthdayGrigory, Roman, Dmitry, Tikhon and Stepan. The name Gregory means sleepless, vigilant, it is believed that a person endowed with this name will have exactly such character traits. Names of the 1st day are celebrated also by those who were given the name Mitrofan at the baptism.

In general, during the year several timesbirthday of the name-day, therefore, it is worth paying attention to the Orthodox calendar and note for yourself these memorable days. For example, the name day of Elijah during the year can be found many times, perhaps this is connected with the martyr life of this saint.

Name days in August, to be exact 2 numbers, Alexey, Alexander, Ilya can celebrate. On August 3, Eugene, Semyon, and Peter can praise their holy guardian angel.

It must be remembered that the name-day in August,however, like in any other month, it is necessary to celebrate no less diligently than your birthday. It should only be taken into account that on this day you should not pour yourself a glass of alcohol, but rather go to church for service, put a candle to your saint and just pray before the icons. Such behavior will please our patrons and prayers about our sinful soul. They in turn constantly pray for us and come to the rescue, when we ask them in our prayers.

Name Day in August girls

Men's names

If you pay attention to the name-day in Augustboys, among the names of men there are such names as Pavel, Vasily, Anton, Makar, Maxim, Leonid, Ivan and more than three dozen different names. To know for sure the day of your name-day is better to pay attention to the Orthodox calendar, where each day corresponds to a very specific day honoring one or another saint.

Female names

Almost in the first days of August, namely 4Christians celebrate the day of the memory of the Myrrh-bearer Mary Magdalene. According to the Scriptures, this woman led a dissolute and sinful life until she met Christ, and after she was cast out of seven demons, it was Mary who became a faithful disciple and follower of Christ. Until the end of her life she remained faithful to the Lord's servant and carried along with the apostles the teaching that Jesus commanded.

By the way, the name-day in August girls also include a huge variety of names. This is Anastasia, Elena, Anna, Anfisa, Susanna and others.

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