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We learn how to plant a chestnut properly

If you have ever seen the flowering of a chestnut, then alreadynever forget this magnificent sight. In the spring, his crown literally "flares up", being embraced by a real riot of blossoming buds. Given that these flowers and the fruits themselves have medicinal properties, the question of how to plant a chestnut does not look strange any more.

how to plant a chestnut
What to land?

Practice shows that the best results are given bylanding of a ready-made seedling. Note that for the formation of a large and beautiful crown, the tree needs a sufficient amount of free space. Because of this, about every tree should have at least five meters of free space. The plant does not need constant sunlight, so before you plant a chestnut, you do not need to clear the space. It is enough just not to plant it in front of a blind fence.

Digging the planting hole

The well must be in the form of an equilateral square60x60 cm. The excavated soil is mixed with 500 g of dolomite flour, quality humus and a small amount of phosphoric mineral fertilizers. The root collar is by no means buried.

Seedling should be poured abundantly with a few buckets of water, and then set the retaining pegs. Chestnut wood is quite fragile, so a strong wind can bring a lot of problems.

A seedling or a nut?

how to plant a chestnut from a fetus
Before planting a chestnut in the form of a seedling,many are trying to grow a nut. They collect them, picking only the best, try to carry out scarification and other ways to accelerate germination. But all their attempts end in nothing, and more often nuts do not germinate at all, and rare and stunted shoots die.

In natural conditions, near each tree, you can often see the richest shoots.

How to plant nuts?

So, you still decided to conduct an experiment withseeds. Before you plant a chestnut from a fetus, you need to know some specific species features. We must start with the fact that the fruits of chestnut require aging in a cold environment for a minimum of four months. So you can just leave the nuts on the street for the whole winter.

Bury in the soil they do not need, just digA small hole, put fruit in it and sprinkle a little humus. You can cover them with pereprevshey fallen foliage. If everything goes well, spring from this place will seem a sprout.

But what to do before you properly plant a chestnut tree, the nut of which you brought from somewhere and do not know the time of aging?

how to plant a chestnut
In this case, the fruit should be simply wrapped inwet gauze or other fabric, then put on the refrigerator door, leaving it there until germination. After that, you can plant a young plant in the soil. But we have already said that in this case his chances of survival will be very, very low.

How to get edible fruit?

Unfortunately, from wild orIt is impossible to grow a tree with fruits that would be fit for food. If you are a fan of roasted chestnuts, you will have to plant a tree grown by you. Do not be afraid of difficulties, all the outlay of labor and time pays off a hundredfold!

So you learned how to plant a chestnut!

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