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How to plant tomatoes correctly

Most often gardeners and truck farmers plant on their owntomato plots, even though this plant is very tender and capricious, so it requires a lot of attention during growth. It is very susceptible to diseases, so it is important to know how to plant tomatoes correctly.

Since tomatoes are considered a southern plant, forthey need a stable climate and air temperature. The temperature changes strongly affect the growth of tomato seedlings and the number of fruits. You can, of course, grow tomatoes in a greenhouse. At the same time, one optimal temperature remains, regardless of the time of year. In such conditions, plants grow faster and bear fruit longer.

And what if there is no way to installa greenhouse? How correctly to plant tomatoes in the ground? Seedlings of tomato sit in holes 20 centimeters deep. It is important to observe the distance between the forms, it should be 30 or 50 centimeters, depending on the plant variety. Two liters of water are poured into each well. To disinfect the soil in water, you can add a bit of potassium permanganate to get a weak solution.

Seedlings are planted in a hole under a smallslope. Hands should immerse the plant roots in the ground with water. Filling the ground in the hole, it must be sealed, pressed with palms, slightly stubby stem of seedlings. Peat or some other soil is poured on top of the soil. The main thing is that it is soft and light. This prevents the earth from hardening and evaporation of moisture. Seedling leaves that touch the ground must be cut off.

Before properly planting tomatoes,it would be nice to learn how to choose the right seedlings. Most gardeners buy it on the market and choose tomatoes with a high stalk and large roots. Planted such plants in early June, as expected. But it may turn out that your seedling is too young and will not be able to take root in time. Good leaves are not yet a guarantee of good seedlings. It is desirable to grow it yourself.

You can just plant the seeds of tomatoes in the ground,but this option is not recommended. Seeds need to be carefully prepared. As a rule, the seeds are soaked in a weak solution of potassium permanganate for fifteen minutes. It is undesirable to restrain seeds in solution so that they do not lose their ability to grow and be fruitful. The main principle of growing tomatoes from seeds is not to overdo it.

Here's how to properly plant Tomato seeds: tomato seeds poured into a small bag, poured thawedclean water and put on the battery, watering them every day. Seeds germinate for about two weeks. Very useful for seedlings is rainwater. There are also several other methods for treating tomato seeds before planting.

One such method is thermalseed treatment (approximately, 50C) for twenty five minutes. Then the swollen seeds are planted in the soil. Here's how to properly plant tomato seeds and get a good harvest from them.

You should not save on land, plant tomatoesit is necessary at the optimal distance for the future growth from each other. Seeds need to be transported to special containers, one class in a separate container. Weak, slightly grown seeds are thrown away. Do not waste time and space on them. Prior to the beginning of picking, plants are not recommended to water so that they do not begin to grow rapidly, but gradually, getting all the substances necessary for growth, are rooted and strengthened, before the future planting in the open ground. Watering begins after the appearance of several leaves.

Be sure to provide the seedlings with the right amountlight and heat. Yes, and after planting tomatoes in the ground they can be covered with halves of plastic bottles or other devices to keep the heat inside. This stimulates the growth of the plant. Here are the basic tips for properly planting tomatoes.

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